Sound Healing for Yoga Practice (Audio)


“Sound is a way to celebrate our lives, our freedom, as human beings” ~ Adam Gainsburg

Sound Healing for Yoga Practice was recorded in 2009 at Body Balance Yoga studio in Annapolis, MD. Jenny Otto, owner of Body Balance, invited Adam to lecture on Sound Therapy and its relevance and use as a therapeutic modality for yoga. 

**Note: there is no need to be a yoga teacher or practitioner to enjoy this audio; it is relevant for ANYONE interested in Sound Therapy. 

In this densely-packed audio, you will discover

  • how sound works with the various systems of the body;
  • how to ‘encode’ sound with high vibration, coherent pattern;
  • from where in the body we heal and learn;
  • 1 hr 41 min MP3 with PDF handout
Soulsign Publishing is located in the United States

SOUND HEALING FOR YOGA PRACTICE offers a wealth of information on the power of sound as well as advice for yoga teachers on how to incorporate sound as a therapeutic tool in their classes. Coming from a background in Sound Therapy, Adam seamlessly weaves his knowledge of sound and its effects on the various systems of the body within the context of the somatic practice of yoga.

The teaching includes:

  • how sound can open and/or alter our receptivity/relationship to our environment;
  • physiological effects of sound, e.g., the Reticular Activating System and why we like ‘white noise’;
  • the shape of the mouth and its correlation to where sound originates in the body;
  • raw sound versus sound coded with our heart’s intention;
  • "Time and Space are learned habits";

“If one can sustain themselves in spaciousness, one has the greatest capacity for embodiment”.  This fundamental precept of tantric philosophy -- that the deeper we go into our actual nature (spaciousness) the more subtle we become -- is at the heart of this workshop. In that vein, Adam leads several exercises including a Tibetan sound practice and an exploration of sounding in Utthita Trikonasana pose. Participants report feeling ‘very light’ after the sounding/pose exercise, an experience of the blurred threshold of where a particle is really a wave is really a particle...



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