The Shadow of Our Light & Our Dark


Adam’s first-ever public offering exclusively focused on the Human Shadow. 

  • March 15, 2023, 7-8:30p PDT through Zoom
  • Registration includes the video download


This will be an eye-opening and possibly challenging experience.  Adam will share:
  • The actual, evolutionary function of the Shadow or unconscious-self within each of us individuals and any collective, small or large. It's not what you were taught.
  • Why our Dark Self perpetuates a shadow side just as equally as our Light Self.
  • Unique ways of getting underneath our intellectual and emotional defensive, blind spots
  • How the very places in us we reject most are both our most important guardians AND/BUT the biggest challenges to our truly empowered, embodied freedom to be who we are.
  • A thorough, guided journey to the threshold of our Shadow, for each of us to choose for ourselves to enter or not.
Please join us for what will very likely be a catalytic change in your access to your most guarded secret Light and sacred Dark


Please reach out with any questions!


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