Scorpio~Libra Venus Cycle~Part II (video)

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Adam covers the second half of Venus’ current 2018~2020 Scorpio > Libra Cycle, including Venus’ important meetings with stars and planets, Her movement by latitude and declination, and noteworthy synchronicities from Her Transmutation through Transition Phases.

  • 75 minutes (MP4 format)

"​Before you tell your life what you intend to do with it, listen for what it intends to do with you. Before you tell your life what truths and values you have decided to live up to, let your life tell you what truths you embody, what values you represent." ~ Parker Palmer

The new Venus Cycle began October 26 (PT) and is a critical transition cycle in the larger Venus Star. During the first webinar, Adam thoroughly delineated Venus in her first 9.5 months as MorningStar in this unique Scorpio > Libra cycle (from the Inception Phase through the Immersion Phase).

In Part II, Adam dives into Venus as EveningStar which begins at the start of Her Transmutation Phase, August 13, 2019 and ends June 3, 2020 with Her Transition Phase. Using astronomy software, Adam illustrates the actual path of Venus in the heavens, offering his interpretation of Venus' movements and meet-ups (with other celestial bodies, planets, & asterisms) within the context of the Venus phase in which they occur. You'll gain an appreciation for how Venus closest to Earth (retrograde at start of cycle) feels and behaves differently than Venus most distant from Earth (direct in mid-cycle), along with how other Sky Factors such as Venus' shifting speed and brightness contribute to the overall interpretation of Her phases and cycle as a whole. 

Visually receiving Venus' celestial motion potentiates our unique Feminine blessings of this cycle to be inscribed in our mind and heart in service to actualizing them in our life! 


Venus Scorpio~Libra Cycle Calendar

A comprehensive guide for the 19 months of the Scorpio>Libra cycle and a perfect complement to the webinar!

Venus Scorpio~Libra Cycle ~ Part I (video)

Adam’s in-depth and expansive exposition of the first half of the 2018~2020 Venus Scorpio~Libra Cycle, including Venus’ important meetings with stars, planets, Venus’ movement by latitude and declination and noteworthy synchronicities.

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