Scorpio~Libra Venus Cycle~Part I (Video)

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Adam’s in-depth and expansive exposition of the first half of the 2018~2020 Venus Scorpio~Libra Cycle, including Venus’ important meetings with stars, planets, Venus’ movement by latitude and declination and noteworthy synchronicities.

  • 2 hour MP4 (video)

 2018 Venus Retrograde Loop and Cycle Inception


“All there is, is relationship.”

Joseph Chilton Pearce

For the first time, Adam demonstrates his methods for decoding each Cycle’s completely unique characteristics while illustrating what we avail ourselves to when we shift gears in awareness to receive the more somatic or sentient transmission of planets-in-the-Sky.

The new Venus Cycle began October 26 (PT) and is a critical transition cycle in the larger Venus Star. In this video webinar, Adam not only reveals an overall picture of the Scorpio~Libra Venus Cycle, he also speaks to the timing and unique features of each of Venus’ MorningStar phases with the Sun through Exterior Conjunction on August 13, 2019.

Highlighting key celestial meetings with other bodies, stars and asterisms, Adam offers his interpretation of their significance within the context of the Venus phase in which they occur. Using astronomy software, Adam shows and speaks to the importance of the shape of the current Venus cycle — the celestial path she forms in our skies throughout the 19-month cycle — and what this shape tells us.



Venus Scorpio~Libra Cycle Calendar

A comprehensive guide for the 19 months of the Scorpio~Libra cycle and a perfect complement to the webinar recording.

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