Scorpio~Libra Venus Calendar 2018-2020 (Article)

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Far beyond your typical list of astrological transits, this is a comprehensive tracking of Venus both on the chart and in the sky through her entire 19-month cycle with the Sun.

  • 21 pages in PDF format

The Venus-Sun Cycle IS the clockwork of our solar system, repeating very close to exact every 8 years. The extremely tight regularity between Venus and the Sun is experienced on Earth as the reliability of our essential values and our attractions, styles and pleasurable experiences. We don’t need to read a book to find out what we like and don’t like. We just “listen” to ourselves.

2018 Venus Retrograde Loop and Cycle Inception

This calendar includes every important date during the Venus Cycle:

  • All major planetary transits to Venus
  • Venus in aspect to key stars and constellations
  • Venus crossing the ecliptic, celestial equator and galactic equator
  • Venus reaching maximum latitude and declination
  • Venus revisiting important degrees of this cycle (i.e. Sun conjunctions, maximum elongations, maximum brightnesses, fastest speeds, and heliacal risings and settings)
  • Venus in aspect to her own nodes
  • Plus some surprises!

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