Mars & Venus Course (Audios and handouts)


An unprecedented system for exposing your deeper masculine and feminine through the living cycles of your own Mars and Venus. Go beyond the birth chart into Venus and Mars’ natural rhythms and learn what they mean for you.

  • 30 tracks with more than 12 hours of audio
  • Over 20 handouts with leading insights into the masculine/feminine
  • Purchase of full course includes two live Q&A’s with Adam at 1-1.5 hrs each to clarify and/or go deeper with the material.

Soulsign’s Mars & Venus Training is a comprehensive training program on the synodic cycles of the planets Venus and Mars. Soulsign founder Adam Gainsburg created this dynamic, info-packed training after 7 years of ongoing research and hundreds of clients revealed layers of invaluable information entirely missed by typical horoscopic delineation.

By shifting our perspective ground from horoscopic to synodic, we reposition the native from center of universe to catalyst for the universe’s realization of itself. Including both chart and sky ensures a far more robust and capable astrology for a fast-growing population of evolutionaries and the spiritually-embodied.

This Training teaches you:

  • How to read the astronomical events in each Journey as direct messages of collective intention
  • How to peer into and ‘set up shop’ at the collective level of developing consciousness
  • What the masculine and feminine actually are….and what they aren’t, and how to identify each in a native
  • How to step up your natal chart understandings to larger, more profound insights
  • How to integrally combine the Natal Story (horoscope) and the Natal Journey & Phase (synode)

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Individual Learning Tracks:

Module I - Introduction, Principles & Calculating the Phases
Includes: How to identify natal planets’ synodic phases and journeys; Key events in each cycle and what they mean; How to find the planet in the sky at each phase; Casting the Natal Journey Chart.
(13 pdf files, 5 audio classes, 2 hrs 50 min total)

Module II - Delineating the Phases & Journey
Includes: Understanding what a Journey actually is; Delineating each Phase with breadth and precision; Lots of celebrity charts; Incorporating astronomical ‘events’ to refine phase meanings.
(32 pdf files, 13 audio classes, 6 hrs 35 min total)

Module III - Integration with the Natal Chart
Includes: Effectively integrating the Natal Story of the birth chart into the Natal Journey of the synodic chart…and vice versa; Comparing chart signatures and natal phases: alignments and cross-patterns; Mythological links; 3 client example
(4 pdf files, 7 audio classes, 3 hrs total)

The Journeys of Mars & Venus
are the only methodologies able to accurately pinpoint exactly how a person's individuality is intimately inter-reliant on and with their collectivity, or said another way: how their personal life path contributes to humanity's greater evolution. The Journey as a whole and the individual Phases within each Journey are delineated at multiple levels, from their mundane qualities in individuals and groups to their actual evolutionary goals at the Soul level. Thus each planet or body in its synodic position represents unique lines of developmental intent at the collective or world mind level, just like each planet or body on the birth chart provides a window into the native's personal developmental intent (ie, Mars our masculinity, Venus our femininity). By shifting our perspective ground from horoscopic to synodic, we reposition the native from center of universe to catalyst for the universe's realization of itself. And by vowing to include both perspectives, we ensure a far more robust and capable astrology for a fast-growing population of evolutionaries and the spiritually embodied.

More about the Journeys...

The Mars & Venus Journeys describe the repeating yet ever-changing cycles of Mars, Venus, the Sun and our Earth. Mars and Venus represent the most polarized pair in astrology. They are each everything the other isn't and as a result create what is known as a same-and-opposite dynamic where creative potential -- the standing capacity to create at will from one's deeper self -- is at maximum.

The Audio Course deeply investigates the unique qualities of this Primal Pair - beyond our gender associations - and how they express through you, the world and consciousness itself. Carefully selected practices including breath-based meditation, inner visualization, guided journeying and more are all possible components of any Journey Training.

In this Training you will learn through multiple means - imaginatively, critically, associatively - about your own femininity and masculinity, not as abstract concepts or memorized names of deities but as they really are: dynamically alive, primordial forces. You will learn to see them in action through the synodic placement of the native in each of the Journeys. The basic principles common to all synodic cycles then become a basic wireframe for you to explore the cycles of other bodies you are interested in. Successful completion of the Training enters you into a strong circle of colleagues whose work is informed by synodism, or collective intelligence.

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Learning Track

Complete Course, Module I – Introduction, Principles & Calculating the Phases, Module II – Delineating the Phases & Journey, Module III – Integration with the Natal Chart


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