Mars Scorpio Cycle Calendar 2021-2023


Far beyond your typical list of astrological transits, this is a comprehensive tracking of Mars both on the chart and in the sky through His entire cycle with the Sun.

October 7, 2021 is the starting gate for Mars’ new cycle with the Sun: a Scorpionic Cycle that runs for the next 25 months (until November 2023). Scorpio consciousness will be the archetypal intention of our collective human Masculinity throughout all events and changes to our civilization and our world. (See calendar samples in Description below).

Option to pair with the Mars and Venus synodic ephemerides for the periods between 1900 – 2060 (Mars) and 1900 – 2044 (Venus) at checkout below!

  • Full Mars Scorpio Cycle Calendar – 23 pages in PDF format
  • Mars Scorpio Cycle Description only – 8 pages in PDF format
  • Mars and Venus ephemerides – 2 pages in PDF format
  • NEW: option to purchase Mars PLUS Venus Calendars together

Adam's work with the Mars-Sun Cycle and its 13 unique phases has opened the sky for many astrologers and students previously bound by chart Mars only. He's taught on Mars' individual phases, Mars' whole heliacal cycle, the relationship of our natal Mars on the chart and our natal Mars Phase with the Sun, the relationship between our Mars Phase and Venus Phase, and how the chart reveals our way of manifesting these deeper aspects of our path, in addition to a lot more...

With Mars revealing himself for the first time in Scorpio, characterizing the main intention of the entire cycle of 25 months, humanity will be challenged to overcome its negative motivations, like resentment, anger and addiction. We will confront our dark side, and respond by either further suppressing it or opening to it as the next step in our maturing as a species.... There will be plenty of opportunities during this cycle to regress to retribution, blame and even violence. The evolutionary goal seems to be to embrace these more difficult, darker parts of ourselves with eyes and heart open. Forgiveness is one of the most defining acts of all warriors, leaders and wayshowers.


Mars-Sun Conjunction October 7, 2021


Each of Mars' 13 Phases is explained from multiple angles:




This calendar includes every important date during the Mars Cycle:

  • All major planetary transits to Mars
  • Mars in aspect to key stars and constellations
  • Mars crossing the ecliptic, celestial equator and galactic equator
  • Mars reaching maximum latitude and declination (including Out of Bounds)
  • Mars revisiting important degrees of this cycle (i.e. Sun conjunctions, maximum elongations, maximum brightnesses, fastest speeds, and heliacal risings and settings)
  • Mars in aspect to His own nodes
  • Plus some surprises!


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The Mars Course: Unifying Desire & Purpose: a deep-dive education into the Mars-Sun cycle and its 13 phases
Transcendence: The Archetype of Masculine Transformation: Adam's in-depth examination of the Sun-Mars opposition (50+ pages, PDF)
The Phases of Mars: more compact than The Mars Course, though no less insightful, Adam re-views Mars as significator of our Masculine nature and the phases of the Mars-Sun cycle as indicators of our unique Masculine Dharma
Live Support with Adam Series: In this small and personal Q&A series, Adam will answer your astrological questions about the current Sky Weather or any of his areas of expertise, such as Venus and Mars Phases, the Lunar Nodes, Chiron and Sky Astrology.


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