Mars Live Now: Highest, Brightest & Closest!


Join Soulsign’s founder, Adam Gainsburg, and other devoted followers of the Living Sky in this rare alignment of Mars, the Earth, our Moon and the Sun!

  • This recording includes a deeply powerful guided meditation and Q&A

Mars reaches his perigee, closest to Earth, every 2 years or so, in a different sign each time. Humanity is evolutionarily hungry to grow and evolve our inner Masculine from a childhood stage of development collectively into a honed, courageous, compassionate and truly wise Masculine.

Mars reaches perigee - his Sun opposition - marking the halfway mark of the Scorpio Cycle. But what makes this Transcendence Phase truly unique is the near perfect alignment with our Moon!

This combination of bodies impassioned Adam to offer this Live Event to empower attendees' embodiment of their sacred Masculinity: in women, men, non-gender equally! Please consider joining Adam's deeply insightful delineation and transmission of this rare evolutionary potential!!

About the Work: Adam has extensive resources on Mars throughout this site. Please explore them to find what excites you into action!
“Thank you Adam!! That Mars class you taught was waaaaay more than a class. It was like I was being called-to-my-inner-arms of my masculinity. Don't really know how to describe it. Honor you for how you transmit your connection to Mars and the True Masculine and your passion in doing so!”
~ John Kuypman


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