Choice Point ~ New Moon with Pluto January 2021


This New Moon is an intensified condensing of what typically is called a “choice point.” This choice isn’t based on a linear sense of what’s happening in our lives and the world and it’s not based in our self-image. It runs deeper than those and thus is linked into much more power.

And because I continue to feel a genuine dedication to offer information and experiences that transmute us from fear to love and from externally- to internally-informed choices, I don’t want to let this opportunity go by without taking full advantage of the benefit it offers.


  • 50 minute audio recording with supporting images


19:38:09 From G : I look forward to the recording that was deep
19:39:51 From Marti Denton : Very cool graphic!
19:55:52 From Marti Denton : Thank you so much !
19:56:50 From Nevenka : Beautiful being here with you all!
19:56:55 From G : Thank you
19:57:06 From Maureen Houshmand : thank you Adam
19:57:08 From G : Blessings
19:57:09 From Sessi Slavova : thank you. that was so empowering and healing
19:57:14 From Nevenka : Gorgeous message Adam
19:57:15 From Liedeke : Thank you!
19:57:20 From Zoom user : ❤️❤️❤️
19:57:28 From amyj : Absolutely perfect!
19:57:42 From James Pesta : Thanks for another amazing experience! With Love
19:57:47 From Nevenka : Love and light to all
19:57:50 From Lita MELLON : So good to be here. Thank you.
19:59:26 From Claudia Ochoa : Thank you for sharing this invaluable gem with us, Adam!
20:05:07 From Mike Mee : Many thanks, Adam. I am inspired by your uncommon perspectives and insights. I have been following you since that Astrology Hub interview in April.

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