Chiron & Mars in Aries Webinar

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Inspired by the opportunities Adam sees for us collectively through the next 4 months, this webinar:

  • Gives you the astrological symbolism of retrograding Warrior Mars within the realm of Chironic initiation
  • Invites you beneath conceptual understanding into your own relationship with the coming energies
  • Stokes within you more of a direct connection with Chiron and Mars

Included in download:

  • Video ~ 75 min.
  • Meditation with Adam (MP3) ~ 16 min.
  • Mars Phases handout (PDF)


At a base level, Mars' current transit backwards through his own sign of Aries is a mirror for explosive attacks rooted in suppressed, defensive fear. Yet these lash-outs can be avoided IF the individual or group owns up to how afraid they are underneath ideology and righteousness. And there is no better astrological agent for getting underneath our beliefs in order to find our actual truth than Chiron. As Adam Sommer pointed out in his recent podcast with Adam Gainsburg on this duo, mythological Chiron was the one to whom the young gods and goddesses were brought for training and initiation into their deeper nature and gifts.

"There is a large need throughout 21st century astrology to incorporate more personal ownership, visceral embodiment and fuller balance of our astrology, both natal and transit. My hope is this webinar will move the needle in that direction." ~ Adam


The Mars Course
A deep-dive education into the Mars-Sun cycle and its 13 phases, and how to delineate them for individual embodiment of our Sacred Masculine in service to our shared, collective evolution.

Chiron: The Wisdom of a Deeply Open Heart
A thorough examination of the psychological, mythological and evolutionary meanings in the symbol of Chiron based in Adam’s extensive clinical experience working with individuals and couples.


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2 reviews for Chiron & Mars in Aries Webinar

  1. Razena (verified owner)

    This was incredible and hit me deep deep deep! Thank you once again!

  2. Susan (verified owner)

    Thank you so much, the webinar was everything I hoped for and more!

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