Breath of the Soul Live 2023 Training

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Breath of the Soul Level I Training is for meditation instructors, yoga teachers, holistic counselors, or anyone wishing to incorporate this deep modality into their practice and daily lives. Received by Adam in 2005, this breath-based meditation opens us to our implicit freedom within our bodies.

  • February 11-12, 2023, 10a-4:30p PST both days through Zoom online meetings
  • Registration includes all recordings, handouts and other materials sent to students
  • Qualifies you to lead the meditation for your clients, friends or groups
  • Completion of the Training qualifies you to participate in a Level II Training


Since 2005, the Breath of the Soul has been practiced by hundreds of individuals and couples for its graceful means of re-centering us in our heart without the need for our meditation cushion. It's a direct, "right here, right now" way to get bigger in our understanding and deeper in our bodies. As a meditation and deep therapy technique, Breath of the Soul is currently used by psychologists, yoga teachers, hypnotherapists, animal communicators, social workers, meditation instructors, and sound healers with their clients and students.

Adam designed the Training to rely heavily on personal experience than on explanations and theories and he means it! Right alongside the extensive explanations he gives on the Breath, the body's Center and one's Spheres, he prioritizes immersing students in their own investigations of their consciousness and relationship with the spaces around the body.

In the Level 1 Training, Adam presents how the Breath practice reduces our cellular reliance or dependence on a “me/not-me” paradigm. By reducing the amount of distinction between the sense of “in here” and the sense of “out there”, it becomes very easy to soften any separation between self and other while still remaining centered in our body. This opens us to increasing enjoyment in the body, as our natural grace flows more easily, even in difficult circumstances.

The Training gives you...

  • A comprehensive education in the Breath of the Soul as meditation and self-inquiry technique / diagnostic;
  • The spiritual and neurological triggers for why the practice is so universally applicable and how to customize it for each day's inspiration;
  • Why Breath of the Soul is a new form of pranayama, more aptly called prananiyama or "the liberating of the breath-life force";
  • A sacred blending of your innate vastness and deep groundedness... without going anywhere or reaching for anything;
  • Extensive handouts and a balanced right-brain / left-brain approach to teaching;
  • Adam's dynamic, highly empathic and experiential teaching style

Completing the Training...

          • Means you now have a unique and sacred wisdom within your physicality that can be applied to your personal practice or to assist others.
          • Opens many new doors for you! Your personal meditation or other practice becomes significantly enriched, thanks to the greater interior spaciousness you are now inhabiting. Graduates have also noted a finer awareness or more inclusive heart space in the disciplines they'd been involved in for many years prior to the BOS Training.
          • Qualifies you to lead the Breath of the Soul meditation for others, either individually or in groups.
          • Fulfills the requirement for enrolling in the Level II Training which is for those interested in bringing the healing dimensions of the Breath of the Soul to others.

Listen to a short audio clip of Adam describing more of what you can expert from the Breath of the Soul Training.

Please reach out with any questions about the Training!

3 reviews for Breath of the Soul Live 2023 Training

  1. hrt108

    Breath of the Soul has been a life and sanity saver for me during the most difficult passage of my life. Practicing BOS during the most physically painful moments helped ground me and bring me in touch with a bigger truth than the suffering of the moment. It prepared me for much bigger existential events that were to come, drawing me closer and closer to the revelation of Truth that I was meant to see. – Tammra Harrison

  2. Andrew

    “I thought the Breath of the Soul training was simply going to give me access to another meditation technique from a teacher I knew and respected, but instead the insights I gained about my own life and embodied practice proved to be far more valuable than I could have imagined. I’ve committed to a 21-day experience and a BOS buddy following the workshop, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me. I would recommend this training to anyone looking to deepen into their own personal heart’s journey, or helping their clients to do the same.”

  3. Abigail Robinson

    Adam is a gifted and rigorous practitioner and his work is empowering – his Breath of the Soul training has opened new pathways in my life to tune in to the guidance of the Earth, the Cosmos and my own soul. At a time of great change in our world, this has brought a new dimension to my work and my life by offering a grounded practice for connecting with timeless wisdom. This is a gift for life, and one that continues to deepen over time. ~ Abigail R., 2020 BOS Level I Trainee

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