A Salon for the Soul (audio)


Journey with teacher, author and founder of the Soulsign work Adam Gainsburg as he leads a compelling journey into understanding the nature of Soul itself. His unique means of transmitting information communicates more than just words and ideas. You gain a direct experience of your Essence beyond your Identity. You find yourself sitting inside the truth of your being.

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"To converse is human…To salon is divine."

In A Salon for the Soul, a live recording, Gainsburg weaves together ancient understandings, contemporary insights into the evolution of consciousness, and examples from his active counseling practice to present a truly leading-edge map of the Soul and its divine Desire. Included are explanations of the two primal conflicts in all manifestation (and what we are wired to do about them); why the dark night of the soul is really a dark night of the ego; easy ways to become more "Soul-ready"; how to create a healthy emotional body; and a fascinating look at what the Soul itself longs for.


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