Synchronicities are no longer counted by their single occurrences, but by the size of the wave they form when they happen. Another idea: we no longer need to limit ourselves into an exclusive association of a synchronicity with a positive experience or result. Many times – I’d guess far more than we’ve realized or can recall – a synchronous event washes onto our shores bearing reflections of imbalances or fear. In this light, the synchronistic moment may be one of the most under-utilized gifts to our development and healing.

By “synchronicity” I mean a non-linear link of events or inner experiences for which there isn’t any rational understanding. Synchronicities are wonderfully irrational.

A wonderful example of this crossed my desk this week. A young woman had attended a lecture I’d given on Chiron last year at an astrology conference. The lecture was scheduled late, 8:45p start time. I had decided early on that I’d utilize the lateness of the hour to offer attendees a version of a meditation I facilitate, called the Deep Heart Meditation. It goes wonderfully well with the Chiron work – more specifically, with the neurological and emotional effects of opening to one’s own natal Chiron. Fourteen months later, this week I receive this mixed media piece from her which she had been working on for a full month before attending the lecture and meditation: "Heart Meditation" - Jen Gouvea If you haven’t experienced the Deep Heart Meditation, I think it’s fair to say it brings us deeper into ourselves more quickly and with greater ease than we might imagine is possible. How? By first becoming somatically intimate with the spaces around us. For more on the DHM, read here. In Jen’s piece, we see lots of the outer enviornment our left brains can recognize: trees, birds, etc. Centered in the figure’s chest is a heart, and a glowing or radiating heart at that. It is a strikingly accurate depiction of what we feel inside when engaged in this practice. Since that first lecture/meditation, Jen has become a dear friend and student of Soulsign Astrology. She’s using our unique approach to evolutionary consciousness in astrology to assist her main practice which is based on flower essence therapy. Find Jen here: