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IAA Pocket Course: The Venus Phases – Our Broader, Richer, Deeper Self

  • November 1, 8, 15 & 22, 2017 (four weeks)
  • Description: Venus by sign, house and aspects on our chart signifies our personal femininity (equally in both women and men). Yet the Venus Phase into which we were born speaks directly to our Feminine Dharma: specifically how our personal femininity (natal Venus) plays an integral role in our collective feminine embodiment, always for the benefit of humanity and our planet in needed ways.
    From Adam: “​This course offers us a deeper relationship with and understanding ​into our essential Feminine (​rather than​ female) energy, enormously relevant in this era of disconnection and anesthetized relationships. You’ll walk away with more of an embodied knowing of Venus, based on your intellectual understanding and felt experience of her Phases.“​
  • Register and get more information for the course here


The Breath of the Soul MeditationBreath of the Soul Meditation – Level 1 Training ~ Online

  • November 11 – 12, 2017
  • 11:30a – 6:30p ET Sat & Sun (with break midday)
  • In-depth education and practitioner certification
  • Live video streaming: easy installation on all devices and computers
  • Enrollment limited to 18 to ensure each participant receives personal instruction from Adam
  • Includes all handouts and audio recordings of the entire workshop
  • Completion of this training qualifies you to participate in the Level II Training, tentatively scheduled for 2018.
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Holes to Heavens: Podcast with Adam Sommer

    • November 16, 2017 @ 6:00p ET
    • Adam has been invited by Adam Sommer once again to join him in his podcast, Holes to Heavens. This time, they will be exchanging notes on Jupiter! The Jupiter topics will include the planet’s ingress into the tropical sign of Scorpio, as well as the three trines with Saturn in 2017 and Uranus oppositions.


Open Human Heart 2-Day Workshop ~ Novato, CA

  • December 9-10, 2017 
  • The Open Heart work is one-part somatic heart experience, one-part radical transformation, and one-part courageous self-loving in real time. No prep, staging or practice required. It’s a direct method of healing and growth which is based in our capacity to receive our real feelings, to feel as an empowered being. Only through our human hearts do we find the vastness of complete embodiment.
  • Read more about the Open Heart work here


United Astrology Conference (UAC)

  • May 24 – 29, 2018
  • Friday, May 25: The Heart of Mars: Introducing the Mars Phases
    It’s time for a new vision of fiery Mars that both includes his rich, ancient understandings and transcends his ‘evildoer’ reputation. Introducing the 13 PHASES OF MARS, a complete system for delineating Mars both personally and societally! Discover the Good, the True and, yes, the Beautiful Mars. This lecture presents a true synergy between Mars on the chart and Mars in the sky through each of his phases with the Sun and with the Moon.
  • Monday, May 28: The Root of ‘We’: Full and Whole Relationships
    Contemporary astrology offers tremendous insights into the complexities of our physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual natures. Yet when intimate relationships begin, we can easily lose track of ourselves for the glowing promise of union with another. This talk presents the Soulsign Astrology® map of relationship tantra, based on 15 years of in-depth counseling. The six essential signifiers for actualizing relationship potential (tantra) and mature understandings of femininity and masculinity beyond gender will guide us well!
  • See full schedule and register here
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