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Astrology Hub Eclipse Class (for patrons enrolled in the Eclipse Mastery Program)

  • June 12, 2017
  • Topic: Eclipses, Nodes & Soul Healing
  • Adam will present a psychological examination of the eclipse dynamic itself, why it reflects some of our deepest challenges and most potent gifts, and how the nodes of the Moon contextualize it all
  • Saturn’s little-known relationship with eclipses
  • Turning away from a paradigm of failure toward one of success, strength, and natural healing
  • Will include an experiential meditation to tap into your trans-rational Self and how much of it you are now ready to embody
  • Register here by May 14th!


Planets Rx and Invisible ~ San Francisco Astrological Society 

  • September 2017
  • Topic: Planets Rx and Invisible
  • We all know retrogradation, what it is and how it works….. or do we?  In this lecture, I’ll leave the Chart behind (temporarily) and lead you back into the Sky, to the actual planetary movements as we observe them from Earth. Some amazing insights lay waiting for us!  I’ll cover the difference between inner and outer planet retrograde, the essential connection between the retrograde effect and planetary proximity, and show how to apply these new, yet ancient, understandings to your chart work immediately.  Come discover how planetary visibility signifies much more than just what’s in front of our eyes.
  • Register here


State of the Art Astrology Conference (SOTA)

  • October 19 – 23, 2017
  • Topics: All Conjunctions Are Not Created Equally, Lunar Nodes & Their Dispositors
    Post-Conference Teaching: Heliacal Phases of Saturn 
  • More info to come! Check out SOTA 



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