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  • “It is hard to find the words to describe how I would like to thank you for our session of today. I guess it should suffice to say that I feel joyous with all my heart.” ~ Debra, VA
  • “I wish to thank you for your ability to clearly see how I am not seeing clearly.” ~ Francesco, CA
  • “Today’s session was so powerful for me – I learned so much – broke through so much – and came to a very deep “understanding”. I have been assisted so deeply – Thank you for doing that…. for holding space and seeing beyond for me…..” ~ Katherine, MD
  • “What an incredible session! It is just about the best I have ever had, and I am very grateful. I am very clear about how I might help myself now.” ~ Annie, NY
  • “My growth and learning process is a journey you have helped in so many ways. Thank  you so much.” ~ Susan, La Quinta, CA
  • “Thank you for helping me to ‘burn the barn’of my illusions and to return to myself! I have never experienced so many ‘light bulb’ moments in one session much less in many sessions with anyone before. I feel a veil and heaviness has been lifted and I can breathe again.” ~ Kim, NV
  • “I have been amazed at the changes taking place in my world since the session ~ really examining anger and sense of Self, asking forgiveness for my past hurtfulness and lack of presence, and learning to reframe communication (both in and out!!). The progress is beautiful. I thank you for your presence, your love, and your blessings.” ~ Anna, CA
  • “The information you gave me continues to be very helpful. It helps my attitude and my state of mind. I’m not so angry any more because I understand what is happening; it makes some sense to me finally.” ~ Kellie, CA
  • “I wanted to extend my thanks to you for an incredible session. It was a very powerful and deep experience for me. I feel moved inwardly and my consciousness is definitely shifting inside. Your work is profound and so clear. I count you as a true and genuine blessing in my life.” ~ Lou, PA
  • “I just wanted to send a quick email to thank you for a most wonderful session yesterday morning.  I can still feel the numinous energy of the messages you relayed vibrating throughout my psyche, gently touching in on those places that needed nourishment and renewal.  I am moving forward in my work with a renewed sense of optimism that my dream can indeed become a reality in this lifetime.  From this higher vantage point of my Soul, what seemed to be obstacles look very small in size now. Thank you for seeing me for who I truly am.  Thank you.  You are truly gifted in what you give to others.” ~ Kimberlee, CO
  • “Nothing short of soul-evolutionary guidance- the most applicable support I have ever received.” ~ Shawn, DC
  • “For those who understand on every level of our existence the importance of your work, the talent and creative abilities you share with us, the hard work you do to ensure that you speak with the utmost intelligence in such an articulate manner in a variety of subjects, your inbox should be full of testimonials!” ~ JoAn, NV
  • Thank you so much for a beautiful session experience!!!  I’m spinning and full; it’s wonderful.” ~ Anon. CO
  • “I just finished a wonderful meditation…[and] after doing the breath practice, I could see and feel the effervescent transformation occurring within me. I feel so delicious! Thanks for all your wonderful work.” ~ Cynthia, CO
  • “It was a very powerful and deep experience for me. I feel moved inwardly and my consciousness is definitely shifting inside. Your work is profound and so clear.” ~ Anon.
  • “I simply must let you know the Breath of the Soul session last week is still ringing in me. I can feel an entirely new outlook somehow occurring. Such a beautiful and simple practice and so completely transformative!! Thank you for bringing this through.” – Guinevere, KY
  • “Working with you, Adam and the intelligence that comes through you is the most life altering experience I have ever chosen. I will always be grateful to you, the beings that assist and to my Divine Self for guiding me and at times pushing me beyond what I know.” – Luci, CO

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