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The Soulsign practitioner is trained to gently and substantially facilitate your direct experience of your soul-level of being through their chosen field or ‘sphere’ of the Soulsign work. Each Practitioner sets his/her own ways of working, fee structure and schedule. Please contact them directly to schedule your session.

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Soulsign Certification

Adam Gainsburg, Founder
Learn more about Adam »
Springfield, VA Soulsign Astrology®
Breath of the Soul™
Sound Programs
Crystal Programs
        Andrea Michelle Kennedy
        Visit Andrea’s website »
Pound Ridge, NY Soulsign Astrology®
Ari Moshe Wolfe
Visit Ari’s website »
Olympia, WA Soulsign Astrology®
Cynthia Miller Ph.D
Visit Cynthia’s web page »
Durango, CO Breath of the Soul™
Harriet McMahon Ph.D
Visit Harriet’s website »
Columbia, MD Breath of the Soul™
Janice Lane
Visit Janice’s web page »
Kittyhawk, NC Breath of the Soul™
Joan Porte
Visit Joan’s web page »
Arlington, VA Soulsign Astrology®
       Tara Aal
       Visit Tara Aal’s page »
Los Angeles, CA Soulsign Astrology®
Valeria Violet
Visit Valeria Violet’s page »
Burke, VA Breath of the Soul™
Sound Programs

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