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We are deeply grateful that our products have shown steady growth in sales each year since 2004. By joining our affiliate program, you can increase your net return without any cost to you, while our products gain exposure.

We utilize a hassle-free, self-automated system for signing yourself up to the program. You choose only the products you’d like to link to and how you’d like to design your product page for them. It’s extremely easy and a win-win-win!

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Basic Program Details

  • You receive an email for each sale originating from your website.
  • Each month’s earnings will be paid via paypal within 15 days of months end.
  • Feel free to email us with any questions or comments!

We utilize a hassle-free, self-automated system for signing yourself up to the program. You simply place your unique Affiliate code onto your site’s pages. This allows our system to ‘track’ which sales came from your web site visitors clicking to our site and purchasing our products and services. You select which of our products and services you’d like to link to. You can choose between linking to our product page or creating your own!

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Program Setup

To register as a Soulsign Affiliate, follow these easy steps all of which takes about 20-30 minutes. The process is quite straightforward, and this page will remain open for your to refer to as a guide. Please ensure that your browser can accept cookies before beginning.

  2. On the page that appears in the REGISTER section, enter your email address and password. Click the SUBMIT button. You are taken to another page requesting an activation code.
  3. In a minute or two, you will receive an email in your email Inbox with your activation code. Copy that code and paste it into the box requesting it on the registration page. Click SUBMIT.
  4. On the page that appears, please fill in your company name, the email address you use for your paypal transactions, and your web site url. Then click SUBMIT.
  5. You are then brought to your Soulsign Affiliate account page. YOU ARE NOW READY TO generate your own affiliate codes for our products.

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Generating the links to go on your web site

  1. After you are logged in (which you will be if you are continuing here from step 5 above), click on the “Get Affiliate Code” button. If you are not logged in, click here to log in.
  2. On the next page, select  Soulsign  from the dropdown menu, then click the GET AFFILIATE CODE button.
  3. Select the product which you wish to refer people to. If more than one, you can repeat from this step onwards after you complete the first product setup.
  4. The final page is the choice between linking to our product page describing the product or service or selling directly from your web site. The former is easier for you as you do not need to create a product page on your site as you do in the latter case. On the other hand, with the latter case, you are not sending your web site visitors away from your site. In our experience, this is not a hindrance to the types of consumers you and we attract: generally conscious, spiritually-minded individuals who remember quality sites and the people behind them!
  5. Copy the code from the box of your choice and then paste it into any page(s) on your site.
  6. If you wish to add links to our other products or services, click the BACK TO ADMIN button where you can begin the process again (starting at Step 3 above) by selecting the product you wish to link to.

We look forward to our co-supportive business relationship together!


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