Venus Aries Cycle 2017 – 2018 Guide

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Are you prepared for the Venus in Aries cycle of 2017-2018?

The Venus Aries Cycle 2017-2018 Guide contains not only the full table of key degrees, phases and events marking Venus’ journey through the next 19 months of the Aries cycle; it contains previously unpublished material, including Adam’s list of Venus-Moon affirmations for the notable Venus-Moon conjunctions which occur during several of Venus’ phases. For just $5 more you receive Adam’s previously unpublished article, Transmutation: The Archetype of Feminine Transformation, which delves into the mysteries of the midpoint phase of the Venus cycle.

With your purchase of this guide you receive:

  • the full Venus in Aries cycle key dates, phases, degrees in a beautiful, easy to read table, PLUS
  • Venus-Moon affirmations/meditations for each Venus-Moon conjunction
  • PDF format downloadable upon completion of order
  • BONUS material: for $5 more, receive Adam’s previously unreleased article on the Feminine mode of transformation!


Venus in Aries Cycle: March 2017 – October 2018


The path of the planets through the sky — especially our sister planet, Venus — has been tracked and heralded by many cultures throughout antiquity up to the present day. The visible indicators of a planet’s shifting relationship with the Sun as viewed from Earth, such as its speed, brightness, whether it precedes or follows the Sun, all influence life on Earth in complex and significant ways.

This guide contains:

  • a table highlighting the major events and sign changes within of 13 Phases of the Venus cycle (based on Adam’s seminal book on the Venus phases, The Light of Venus);
  • meditations for each Venus-Moon conjunction;
  • an article on Transmutation, the Feminine dimension of transformation (if bonus material is purchased)

Venus completes her Leo cycle (begun August 2015)  and begins her new 19 month cycle with the Sun on March 25 in the sign of Aries. 

An attractive ephemeris captures and highlights all of the progressions during each of Venus’ Aries cycle phases. This printer-friendly document includes Adam’s now-famous Venus “M”, which illustrates the full complement of 13 phases based on how we view Venus from our perspective throughout her journey. For all who enjoy following Venus through the sky, this ephemeris will be invaluable!


Also included is a heretofore unpublished list of Adam’s original meditations revealing the unique alchemy of each Venus-Moon conjunction, especially relevant during the Surrendering & Discovery and Remembering & Embodiment phases. These affirmations are triggers which unlock a Knowing living underneath our conscious minds. 

Of the Venus & Moon in Leo conjunction, Adam writes:

I am my intrinsic value. I offer the joy in our mutual brilliance.


For those looking to deepen their understanding of the wordless language of the Feminine and her chosen mode of transformation, we’ve included Adam’s previously unpublished article on the subject. 

In the article, Transmutation: The Archetype of Feminine Transformation, Adam describes how the Feminine (represented in our chart by Venus) is all about the journey into ‘the within places’. Venus never gets further than 48 degrees from the Sun, demonstrating she (we) is (are) always close to her (our) Source/Sol/Soul.  He uses the most well-known allegorical model of the Venus Transmutation event — the Sumerian myth of the descent of the goddess Inanna to the Underworld — to convey the significance of this phase of Venus’ cycle, where she is once again swallowed by the Sun’s beams, only this time at maximum distance from Earth. (At the start and end of each cycle Venus is also combust the Sun, albeit moving retrograde. At these times she is closest to Earth.)

The article further examines the ramifications of Inanna’s journey from both a matriarchal and patriarchal standpoint, as reflected in the additions and changes to the myth over time.


This Venus in Aries cycle is a highly anticipated one, set to awaken and recall slumbering Feminine wisdom and power. This guide is the perfect companion for any sincere student of Venus and the Feminine mysteries!


The Light of Venus: Embracing Your Deeper Feminine, Empowering Our Shared Future







Venus Aries Cycle Vibrational Essence








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