Transpersonal Astrology


Explorations at the Frontier

Produced, edited by Eric Meyers, Armand Diaz and Andrew Smith

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A new vision for astrology by some of the top astrologers working today.

“Our role as transpersonal astrologers is ultimately to help open awareness of choices; to facilitate a more informed, less ego-based questioning; to look past the limitations of black and white dualistic thinking and ask what purpose does this experience serve for my soul’s growth; to empower and generate hope; and to really understand what aspect of a person’s life is seeking to grow during any given event or experience. If we can help someone step over that threshold, then our job as a bridge-maker is done!” –From the Introduction

Transpersonal AstrologySoulsign founder Adam Gainsburg joins 15 leading astrological thinkers, teachers and writers for an encompassing review of today’s leading-edge ideas and advances in the transpersonal space of astrology. Here’s a list of the authors and their chapters:

  • A Transpersonal Perspective by Eric Meyers, Armand Diaz, Andrew Smith 

  • A Transpersonal Vision for Astrology by Eric Meyers

  • Spiritual Maturity by Jessica Murray

  • Tracking the Evolution of Collective Consciousness by Armand Diaz

  • The Telos of Techne: Technological Development and the Uranus-Pluto Cycle by Bill Street

  • Neptune and Opening to Creativity by Dena DeCastro

  • The Transpersonal Dimension: The Higher Octave of the Personal Planets by Mark Jones

  • Is the Transpersonal Becoming Personal? The Planets as a Guide to Consciousness Evolution by Faye Cossar

  • The Death Chart by Maurice Fernadez

  • Locational Astrology – A Transpersonal Perspective by Andrew Smith

  • The Vertex: Fate, Serendipity and Attraction by Julene Packer-Louis

  • Transcendence: The Archetype of Masculine Transformation through the Mars Cycle by Adam Gainsburg

  • Changing Relationships: A Transpersonal Approach by Margaret Gray

  • Killer Within by Sherene Schostak

  • No Such Thing as Source: Toward an Understand of Sacred Duality in Evolutionary Astrology by Adam Elenbaas

  • Shamanic Astrology by Benjamin Berstein

  • Astrology: A Noetic Science by Rafael Nasser


“You incarnated into this swirling vortex, and at the instant of your first breath, you internalized an impression of that archetypal array just like a clay jar baked in an oven internalizes an impression of the Earth’s magnetic field the moment it hardens. You personify a psychedelic blend of the variegated colors of consciousness symbolized by the glyphs scattered across your birth chart, the stamp of collective consciousness on your soul. Over time, as the noetic sky comes into harmonic resonance with the seeds of consciousness that you harbor, meaningful moments arise and life-shaping paths are revealed. Dare to follow those synchronistic trails. Your days will overflow with meaning and purpose. Dare to express your creative genius into the world. Feed the sky your consciousness and imprint yourself into the heart of future souls. The future embodies the past and both are rooted in the present. So the next time you open an ephemeris to check on the position of the planets, realize that they are located in your consciousness.” – from Chap 16, p266-67, Rafael Nasser, Astrology: the Noetic Science


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