Mars Transcendence Phase video

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  • Visually-rich presentation: visualizations, graphics and animations of the living sky
  • Leading-edge material on the Mars-Sun opposition you won’t find anywhere else!
  • 110-minutes
  • High-res video file suitable on both Mac and PC.


Soulsign founder, Adam Gainsburg, presents on the current Mars-Sun opposition as the key event signifying our cellular and divine masculinity. This material is presented as a profound opportunity for those magnetized and devoted to their greater purpose unified in/with themselves.

  • He uses multiple visualization and astrology softwares and graphics to explain the essential astronomical dynamics behind the alignment of Mars, Sun and Earth.
  • He explains the breadth and depth of the many dynamics of this sacred alignment, with special emphasis on what it means for us today.
  • He facilitates two gentle, guided visualizations for engaging our intuitive, higher calling related to our own personal Sacred Masculine and Masculine Dharma. 



Mars rising, SunsetMars rising, Sun setting. Mars “acronychal” rise.

Mars culminatingMars overhead at midnight (culminating). Mars as Midnight Star (distinct from Morning or Evening Star).

Mars settingMars setting, Sun rising. Mars’ “acronychal” setting. 

The Mars Flower

The Mars Flower. Each planet possesses a unique orbital relationship with Earth which creates that planet’s Flower.

Adam produced this video on the heels of the wide popularity of his Planetary Phases video. Here’s some of the feedback from participants in that class…

“Your work is fascinating, like a whole new wing on the house of astrology (I have a recurring dream about finding new rooms in my house). Your use of visual (astronomical) animations of what is happening in the sky is most effective.” – Jim, Canada

“During the class today, I had a goofy grin on my face practically the whole time. The most exciting thing–it feels to me–is how you received your information, via direct observation/transmission/unfolding in your heart. It is such a viscerally embodied knowing of the skies–you are truly a bridge, Adam.” – Michelle, WA

“This class was so informative for me at a deep level, an embodied heart level. Thank you Adam, I have just moved to a new understanding of the relationship of the planets. I have really never ‘seen’ the relationship between them. Again thank you, my world has opened up.” – SK

“I have to say that Sky Phases is GROUNDBREAKING!!! This is of another level; I’m already intuiting that it will call for an entire revision of my astrological perception. My blessings to Adam and his team, this work shows so much devotion and scholarship!” – MB


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You receive an mp4 video file, playable on both Mac (iTunes) and PC (Windows Media Player) machines.

1 review for Mars Transcendence Phase video

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    JH (verified owner)

    Hi adam
    This is just a note to say I really enjoyed your mars/sun opposition talk. It was incredibly elegant. You have a great narrator voice and along with the graphics I could have brought popcorn except the subject matter was a little more elevated than that. It was informative and very easy to digest. I’m now interested in other events which I will make a point to attend. Keep up the good work. Very deep, very real and much needed.

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