The Light of Venus

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Embracing Your Deeper Feminine, Empowering Our Shared Future

by Adam Gainsburg

The Light of Venus offers a complete system for tracking with and understanding the cycle of Venus in our skies. It demonstrates how to embrace more of your inner feminine nature so that you can discover and actualize your vital contribution to an improved world.

308 pages
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Date tables, Glossary, numerous graphics, extensive appendices
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Embracing Your Deeper Feminine, Empowering Our Shared Future
by Adam Gainsburg

Forward by Stephen Forrest, Introduction by Jessica Murray, Testimonials by Melanie Reinhart, Michael Lutin, David Cochrane and Mary Plumb

THE LIGHT OF VENUS offers a complete system for tracking with and understanding the cycle of Venus in our skies. It demonstrates how to embrace more of your inner feminine nature so that you can better contribute to an improved world. The dynamic phases of Venus are an untapped gem for those wishing to shift out of a me-centric life into a we-empowered life.

The day you were born reveals which of Venus’ 13 phases is yours. It describes how your innate Feminine Self unfolds into a unique and co-creative Feminine Dharma. Rooted in the most ancient skywatching practices and explained for modern readers, The Light of Venus is less astrology book and more a sky compass for empowering our femininity. It shows you how to connect what you see in the sky with how you best participate in improving your world.

Extensive explanations, look-up tables, and artist-rendered sky graphics make it easy to understand both the astronomy and the actual human experience of Venus in our skies at every phase. For astrologers, the book unlocks the ancient art of delineating observable planetary events like maximum elongation, first and last visibilities, and apparent motion, grounding them in practical interpretations.The Light of Venusis the first astrology book to usher in the next wave of planetary phases with the specificity of a horoscope!

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What top astrologers are saying…

“Adam Gainsburg listened to the sky and the sky did something it very rarely does: it revealed to him a new secret. Read “The Light of Venus” and you will know the secret too.” – Steven Forrest, author of The Inner Sky

“The Light of Venus explores in great detail the phases occurring in the cycle of Venus [and] reveals the importance of seeing each specific placement in the horoscope as embedded in a network of interplanet cycles and holographic connections.” – Melanie Reinhart, author of Chiron and the Healing Journey

“Adam Gainsburg’s work is an alchemy of intelligence and imagination that opens a brilliant pathway to take astrology from a cerebral, psychological study, more deeply into the full art of being human. As an astrologer, discovering Adam Gainsburg’s work was a bit like discovering a new wing in my well-loved house. I believe he has created a new mythology of Venus.“ – Mary Plumb, Book Editor, The Mountain Astrologer


LOV’s release was timed to the
most rare visible event in all astronomy:
the Transit of Venus across the disc of the Sun.
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THE LIGHT OF VENUS has received praise from the industry’s top publications!


aa logo“Adam Gainsburg’s book will appeal to anyone interested in understanding about their unique purpose on this planet, particularly through their ‘dharma’-or spiritual responsibility- describing the unique gift that each person can bring into the world.” – Diana McMahon Collis, The Astrological Journal (January/February 2013 issue). Read full review here >

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“It is a pleasure to see that Adam Gainsburg’s work on the cycles of Venus has come into print. In the autobiographical section of this book, the author relates that, when he was younger, he was fascinated with the night sky and tried to identify planetary patterns and meaning, long before he actually studied astrology. Once he took up astrology, he wanted nothing more than to bring his earlier intuitions together with his developing astrological knowledge, and this volume is part of the result.” –  J. Lee Lehman, Ph. D., The Mountain Astrologer (December 2012/January 2013 issue). Read full review here >

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“…[E]ach of the 13 phases is explored by offering key phrases, a deeper explanation, a diagram that depicts the leg of Venus’s entire journey and a meditation image. Throughout the narrative, the author shows how the phase connects one’s personal purpose to the advancement of civilization. This is one’s dharma, which is ingeniously associated with Venus. Gainsburg’s text is completely original, unique and relevant.” – Chris Lorenz, Dell Horoscope (September 2013). Read the full review here >

ncgr logo“This book offers not only a thorough discussion of the 13 Venus phases,but also a complete system of tracking those phases in the sky should you want to. And even if you don’t want to, Gainsburg—who is clearly an avid skywatcher himself—may change your mind with his insights. He also makes it easy for you to know where to look for Venus, as clear diagrams of each phase are included along with other astronomical information such as the length of each phase as they are not of equal length.” – Donna Van Toen, March/April 2013 NCGR Member Letter. Read full review here >

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What's Inside

The Light of Venus represents a new stage in working with phases and cycles. Factors such as speed, brightness, Earth proximity and sky appearance are shown to directly reveal the meanings of each of Venus' 13 Phases. Each one is entirely unique, of unequal duration and based on far more than a simple division of the ideal circle. The Light of Venus also includes easy look-up tables, a special focus on the Venus-Moon Cycle, a method for interpreting visual characteristics of planetary aspects, and a number of appendices geared for the professional. Studying the remarkable symmetry of the Venus-Earth-Sun relationship through its entire cycle – intimate invisibility, morning star, distant invisibility to evening star – can re-enamor us to the beauty of the living sky.

10 reviews for The Light of Venus

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Demetra B.

    I have been following Adam’s work for 10 years now and I must say that The Light of Venus has changed my perspective in astrology.

  2. A client and reader in North Carolina

    I learned about Adam Gainsburg’s book, “The Light of Venus” during a personal reading where he used the Venus cycle. The reading was excellent and my interest was piqued so I got the book right away. I wasn’t disappointed. As a long-time student of astrology, it’s always a pleasure to discover a technique that’s new to me. Adam is a fine writer and explains and defines the Venus phases thoroughly in an easy-to-understand way. In applying them to myself and to my family members I’ve found them to be uncannily accurate. Thanks Adam for giving me a deeper understanding of my natal chart and of my life path.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Richard Stodart

    Typically, astrologers give readings of the lunar and earth dimensions of the personality. Adam includes these dimensions, but elucidates them as foci, in and through the Sun as mediator. In doing so, he looks at the personality in its wholeness from the solar dimension.

    In looking at his description of my solar Venus phase as Queen of Heaven and Earth, by quickly glancing at my birth date I was able to see what my Venus life-line is like from a solar perspective. This allowed to see how Venus functions as a discontinuous continuity of outer earth focus (Taurus) and inner sky sky (Libra) in my life as a Venus Inception phase. When I placed my “Dharma” next to my wife’s Venus Wholeness phase, our Venus positions in the sky were almost diametrical, giving us insight into how we could better make use of potential and wisdom.

    Hats off to “The Light of Venus” for its solar dimensioning of existence-time!

    Richard Stodart

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Anya K

    As insightful as it is beautifully written, “Light of Venus” travels to the very roots and heart of astrology by meditating on the visual experience of Venus at the time of one’s birth. Venus phases, as shown in Adam’s book, provide a wealth of information that augments zodiacal delineations, making them much more personally attuned, more resonating. Whether you are on a personal exploratory journey or a professional astrologer, this book will be an invaluable addition to your library.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    The “Light of Venus” was recommended to me by my spiritual teacher who is a professional Vedic astrologer. It has since become a valuable reference companion and guide for my life journey in that it has given me in-depth insight into the challenges I am working through. I have a limited knowledge of astrology, however, the information and the manner in which Adam presents it makes it easy for an amateur such as me to understand.

    I have learned a vast amount of knowledge from the Venus Phases – about myself and about the people I interact with on a personal level. The information in this divine book has helped me to understand the challenges I experience with those closest to me and has guided me to make a huge shift in consciousness. I can honestly say I am feeling more heart centered than ever before.

    Each time I read this book I am being guided to a deeper understanding and knowingness of who I am. The chapter, “Phases of Venus”, has helped me to identify areas in my life where I am meeting or creating resistance. This knowledge gives me the clarity I have been seeking to make choices in alignment with my highest good. As I go through the process of healing my SELF, I am in turn sending healing energy out to the world choosing to become one of many who are embracing the group consciousness of our beautiful planet. I have found a new sense of joy as I am seeing my loved ones through the ever awakening eyes of unconditional love. By understanding the lessons my loved ones have chosen I have greater clarity about my own.

    I highly recommend Adam’s book, “The Light of Venus” to anyone who is seeking an awakened relationship with their Divine Feminine.

    ~ Sarah

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have a strong interest in astrology but my knowledge is limited so far. However, I am a client of a professional astrologer and I am learning much from her. I am also a lover of Venus. I have learned so much from the Venus Phases – about myself and about my husband. The information in this divine book has helped me to understand the challenges in our relationship and has guided me to make a huge shift in consciousness. I can honestly say I am feeling more heart centered than ever before. Thank you so very much. – I.D., Canada

  7. Rated 5 out of 5


    “I can’t express how deeply I have been moved by your writings in the book…. Not only my Transmutation Phase but the other ones too.
    Just addressing mine, you were speaking directly to me using such phrases as “pulled apart”, “transforming your fear of losing what matters most to you”, and “working with loss”!! And the part about “the link between your eyes, your brain and your knowing……how true for me! I am so grateful i found a form of self expression when I was so Young!!! It gave me a place to express my true knowing even though at the time, I did not understand the language I was creating through from, to express this Feminine journey I was on… I was able to start these changes from the inside without understanding what I was doing but it was enabling me to get in touch with the underworld you speak of. And it of course opened my heart to greater and a more FULL Life, and an ability to understand myself and my journey more.

    “I have read the chapters that relate to a few friends and they were blown away at the relevance to their own lives!” – Sharon, NV

  8. Rated 5 out of 5


    I got the book yesterday, and think it’s really a masterpiece that will endure over time. It is so well done and clearly written, so my congratulations! You have become a great educator, simplifying a complicated subject to its essence. The diagrams and tables enhance the work and make it easy to understand. – a Venus mythology enthusiast who respects the work of astrologers

  9. Rated 5 out of 5


    Adam has rethought the meanings and significance of Venus by direct observation of her patterns in the sky. These observations have produced a new and original way of thinking about how the particular phase of Venus you were born under describes the side of you that is called feminine apart from your Moon which, according to Adam, is not the complete story. This book is for men as well as women as we all have Venus in our charts and we all have unique ways of expressing those feminine energies. Terri

  10. Rated 5 out of 5


    I realize that this is the Venus book I’ve been waiting for! Thank you Adam for looking up at the sky and really LOOKING!

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