Finding the Sky in Our Charts (video)

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Bring back the Living Sky to your astrology!

  • learn about speed, brightness, sky appearance, Earth proximity
  • MP4 file, 150MB
  • Easy download
  • 90-min class


About thJun-1-orbitse Class

This visual-based class shows you how to identify four of each visible planet’s Sky Factors: sky appearance (invisible, morning star or evening star), brightness, speed and Earth proximity. Most of modern astrology either ignores or is unaware of these other factors, some of which in fact predate modern conventions (like signs and houses) by some 2000 years! 

The visual planets are those that are possible to be seen by naked-eye observation only and include MaJuSa conjMercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. This list certainly includes the Moon as well, but this class won’t focus on the Moon. Where Mercury and Venus have two different invisibility periods, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn have just one. And where Mercury and Venus are invisible when they are both closest to and furthest from Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are furthest from Earth when invisible and closest to Earth when brightest in our skies. It is these kinds of factors which are largely ignored in modern astrological practice, factors which this class seeks to educate astrological students and professionals.

The material Adam presents in this video class will significantly transform your understanding and ability to interpret the planets on any chart! Included are specific elongations between the Sun and each visible planet for each of the four Sky Factors, both basic and advanced material on the complete cycle of a planet with the Sun, and beautiful graphics to demonstrate each principle.

The combination of Adam’s understanding of the celestial cycles with his many years of counseling practice makes FINDING THE SKY IN THE CHART not only a completely eye-opening experience but one which points you clearly toward how to apply the principles in your chart interpretations!


1 review for Finding the Sky in Our Charts (video)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Thank you for your innovation and profound insight on proximity of the planets. More than enjoyed. Brilliant!!

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