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The world’s only dedicated synodic software, Sky Engine will re-enchant your astrology with the real sky, showing the synodic cycles and phases of any planet and several asteroids.

Sky Engine is an essential tool for the astrological enthusiast, pro or researcher.

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Welcome back to the real sky!

Astrology’s most ancient roots – naked-eye observation of planetary events – is now available at your fingertips!

Sky Engine is a complete search engine for performing detailed searches into the synodic cycles of the planets. Simple searches instantly produce detailed data on any planet’s full sky picture – elongation, latitude, declination, speed, brightness and more.

With the one-click graphics module, Sky Engine shows you in the sky where planets are relative to the horizon and in their current cycles. Toggle the planets’ positions and watch them make their way through the sky! Sky Engine is also the only astrology software to show brightness along with latitude, speed and declination trends! Every planet is represented by multiple synodic systems from the ancient traditions to contemporary methods.

Sky Engine finds not only complete cycles of phases, but empowers you to create your own searches! Select your planet, system (ie, Heroic Journey), sign of cycle or all cycles, one or all phases and hit Go. Data results are fast, accurate, and instantly create a chart wheel for that moment. Only Sky Engine delivers this level of searching: “Find the next 10 heliacal rises of Venus as an evening star during her Cancer Cycle.” Sky Engine is the world’s only truly synodic software!

Accurate down to 1/1000 of an arc-second, Sky Engine proudly runs on the Intrepid Astrology Software for both Windows and Mac.

Software Features

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  • Widest variety of synodic and heliacal systems from ancient traditions and modern experts. v1 includes: Heroic Journey, Shamanic Astrology, Soulsign, Traditional. >>>
  • Simple button-click searches (no typing)
  • Search by cycle, phase, phase-in-cycle, or all phases.
  • One-click NOW searches to instantly see the current cycle and all phases.
  • Now+ and Next+ search ranges up to 99 cycles (hundreds of years!) >>>
  • A full 10,800 year search span
  • Additional non-synodic searches such as ingresses or transits. >>>
  • Use Sky Engine right alongside of Intrepid’s full uni-, bi-, and triwheel display. >>>
  • Complete data on every phase: longitude, latitude & trend, declination & trend, R.A., speed & trend, maximum elongation, maximum brightness, solar elongation, and both calendar and Julian days. >>>
  • Day-Per-Year progressed phase searches available with one click.
  • Animated sky map showing selected planet’s actual sky position, cycle and phase. >>>
  • Instant, clean export to MS Excel© or other spreadsheet application. 
  • Updates through 2012 included in purchase price! (Sky Engine 2.1 and Intrepid 4.0)
  • Runs on the Intrepid Software© platform: Windows XP, Vista, W7 (32 & 64bit), Mac OS 10.4 -10.7.
  • Complete customer support!

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About The Sky Engine Astrology Software Developers

Sky Engine Software began early in 2009 in the imagination of astrologer Adam Gainsburg after 7 years of night sky observation and several thousand client sessions. By 2010, a deal was struck with Jeff Close, owner of Intrepid Astrological Charting Software to create a dedicated module for the synodic phases of Mars-Sun and Venus-Sun. In early 2011, work then began on a generic search engine to accomodate any definition of a synodic phase or cycle including elongation amount, appearance or disappearance, a planet’s stations, and its maximum elongation or brightness.

Mid-2011 saw experts in synodic work come on board into the Sky Engine family. Gary Caton‘s Heroic Journey system, Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell’s Shamanic Astrology system, and Deb Houlding‘s Traditional systems, along with Sky Engine owner Adam Gainsburg’s Dharmic systems will be the first synodic systems in the premiere launch of Sky Engine, just in time for the NORWAC and UAC conferences in 2012.

Subsequent releases of Sky Engine will see no less than six new systems – each covering multiple planets’ phase definitions – bringing the total number of synodic searches available for every user to over 40! Beyond the breadth of search options and synodic outlooks among the various schools, Sky Engine will future release Personal Phase Reports™, advanced Phase Return searches and more. The summer of 2012 will see another first in astrological computing….

Sky Engine will boast the world’s most accurate elongation calculation!

About: Elongation

Sky Engine is the world’s only astrological software able to calculate micro-precise values for inter-planetary elongation. Elongation is the astronomical term for the distance between two bodies measured (usually) along the ecliptic in degrees of longitude.

It is elongation that is the backbone of any synodic cyle. Know the elongation between any two planets and you know where in the cycle they are. All other factors such as declination, longitude, latitude and so forth only flesh out what must always begin with elongation. The apparently simple measure of elongation is in fact the very structure of all planetary relationships. Astrologers recognize elongational values first as astrological aspects such as the sextile, quintile, square, trine and opposition. Each aspect is but one moment in the unending spatial relationship between any two celestial bodies.

The inner planets of our solar system, Mercury and Venus, never reach beyond 28° and 48° elongation from the Sun respectively. Outer planets, asteroids and other bodies reach the full 180° so maximum elongation for them is known. But for the inner planets, precise elongation has remained untouched by astro-programmers…..until now!

Sky Engine customers will receive the free update of our proprietary data, embedded in Sky Engine’s search engine, for the world’s most accurate calculation of the inner planets’ maximum elongation values for a 10,800-year span (-5400 to +5400)! We hope this becomes just the first of many groundbreaking features for astrological investigation offered exclusively by Sky Engine Software.

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Additional information

Native on both Mac & PC!

Sky Engine runs on both Mac and PC. And for Mac users, no emulations or parallels needed! Mac OS 10.5-10.9, and Win2000-Win8.1

Digital Download

We've changed our fulfillment system for delivering Sky Engine to you…100% digital downloads! This means no more shipping charges for you and an easier time of getting you your software for us. We will continue to offer mailed installation CDs for those customers who prefer them and will charge appropriate shipping in the 2nd dropdown menu near the top of the page.

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    “I’ve always been fascinated with the sky but my astrological education didn’t focus on it too much. Thank you for Sky Engine! because I now am starting to learn what planet cycles really are and how important their phases are to all astrology.” – LB

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