Sky Phases of Saturn


*  Comprehensive examination of Saturn “beyond” the birth chart!
*  Saturn’s heliacal phases expose the underside of Saturn: as an intrinsic ally in our lives!
*  Includes how to identify your Saturn Phase directly from the chart.
*  Also includes all handouts: Adam’s powerpoint slides and handouts.
*  85-min mp3 audio download


Soulsign founder, Adam Gainsburg, is a devoted educator on returning the living Sky into contemporary astrological practice. Since 2004, his work with the Venus and Mars Phases has significantly contributed to a sky renaissance for modern practitioners.  Here Adam for the first time presents his work with the Saturn-Sun Cycle, also known as Saturn’s heliacal phases. This material is far from a generic, archetypal template for Saturn in astrology. As in his work with Venus and Mars, Adam exposes the dynamic nature of Saturn that pops off the astrological chart into real life! Gain a fuller picture and intimacy with the “great malefic” by learning how Saturn’s celestial dance with the Sun above and below our horizon’s in morning and evening skies reveal Saturn’s other face: as the most important function within us for achieving, strengthening, and enjoying the unique fruits of earthly life.  This is a comprehensive examination of Saturn from multiple perspectives:

  • Saturn’s general and hidden meanings in astrology
  • Saturn’s glyph…decoded
  • Saturn’s celestial reality – when at perigee, apogee, fastest, slowest, brightest and invisible.
  • All the sky events relevant to Saturn’s phases with the Sun and what some of them may mean in astrology.
  • Applied Saturn Phases, using attendees’ natal phases and charts, tap Adam’s years of experience with clients and the sky.
  • The best and most SIMPLE way to quickly identify your natal Saturn Phase with nothing more than your birth chart.
  • A whole lot more!

Along with the audio class, you receive 2 documents:

  1. Full set of powerpoint slides which Adam used to explain basic Sky Astrology principles as well as the Morning and Evening Star periods.
  2. Saturn’s Sky Events, which include each of the relevant events described astronomically and intrepretively.

Sky Phases: The Original Planetary CyclesAs a wonderfully deep introduction to the Sky Phases of our neighbor planets, Adam produced the Planetary Sky Phases video. Here’s some of the feedback from participants in that class…

“Your work is fascinating, like a whole new wing on the house of astrology (I have a recurring dream about finding new rooms in my house). Your use of visual (astronomical) animations of what is happening in the sky is most effective.” – Jim, Canada

“During the class today, I had a goofy grin on my face practically the whole time. The most exciting thing–it feels to me–is how you received your information, via direct observation/transmission/unfolding in your heart. It is such a viscerally embodied knowing of the skies–you are truly a bridge, Adam.” – Michelle, WA

“This class was so informative for me at a deep level, an embodied heart level. Thank you Adam, I have just moved to a new understanding of the relationship of the planets. I have really never ‘seen’ the relationship between them. Again thank you, my world has opened up.” – SK

“I have to say that Sky Phases is GROUNDBREAKING!!! This is of another level; I’m already intuiting that it will call for an entire revision of my astrological perception. My blessings to Adam and his team, this work shows so much devotion and scholarship!” – MB


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