Chiron: The Wisdom of a Deeply Open Heart (book)


“The deeply open heart is the Heart that feels life and does not protect us from it, the Heart passionately and equally open to both the pain of loss and the joy of connection without resistance.” from Chiron, The Wisdom of a Deeply Open Heart

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  • ISBN #0978853520
  • 6″ x 9″
  • 156 pages
  • Perfect-bound paperback
  • Publisher: Soulsign Publishing 
Soulsign Publishing is located in the United States



Chiron: The Wisdom of a Deeply Open Heart presents a thorough examination of the psychological, mythological and evolutionary meanings in the symbol of Chiron based in Gainsburg’s extensive clinical experience working with individuals and couples. He lays out the Chironic landscape of the Soul by examining the origin of the ‘sacred wound,’ the psyche’s defenses and emotional reality of the wound resurfacing later in life, and how the wound becomes our ‘sacred medicine’ or our unique and embodied wisdom. Most notable is Gainsburg’s original method of effectively interpreting Chiron’s polarity position within an evolution of consciousness framework.

This book is recommended especially for those who have reached the awareness that their next leap in consciousness is in fact predicated on their next surrender of ego story. The greater the ability to surrender oneself to the truth, the deeper one’s realization of truth will be.

Listen to an excerpt read by the author: “The Wounded Healer” Part I

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It includes a general and refreshing exploration of astrological polarity in light of leading insights into the nature of evolving consciousness; a look at the meaning of Chiron’s glyph; Chiron through the signs and houses; in depth examinations of the sacred wound, the medicine, the broken-open heart and the medicine-walk archetypes; the karmic implications of Chironic placement; Chiron retrograde; and the popular article, “The Chiron-Moon Connection.”


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2 reviews for Chiron: The Wisdom of a Deeply Open Heart (book)

  1. Anonymous

    I just wanted to say a general thanks for the Chiron book by Adam Gainsburg. I really have to extend gratitude here. The book is now sacred text for me. I have Chiron all over the place; retrograde, conjunct my moon and square my nodes. If it wasn’t for this text…this book re-framed my whole self-definition. It’s helped make sense of everything the last couple of years has tried to show me. I started my own personal journey of healing nine years ago and this book has definitely concluded a long, sometimes agonizing chapter. I can’t put it all into words but it’s been deeply empowering to rediscover. The feeling of wholeness that comes with the acceptance of the wound is…the most powerful force…I can think of… Anyway, thanks again. Much Love.

  2. Jessica Murray

    I am reading and rereading your wonderful book. Each paragraph deserves an immediate re-reading, the material is so rich and profound. I am so glad for astrology’s sake that you wrote this: what a contribution it is. ~ Jessica Murray, astrologer, activist, author of Soul-Sick Nation

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