Chiron: Blueprint of Your Deep Heart (audio)


Adam Gainsburg presents a fresh approach to the most popular of astrological asteroids.

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  • Includes the full lecture (no editing)
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  • 70 minute audio (MP3) file


The “Blueprint” lecture was delivered to a full audience of New York City astrologers and astro-enthusiasts. Like all things New York, the conversation and questions were lively, sharp and insightful.

This lecture is an excellent adjunct to the Chiron book. Listen as Adam transmits not only the information about working with Chiron astrologically, but also invokes the deeper Heart intelligence that only comes from long periods of working with many clients and students in their pursuit toward wholeness. We are making this lecture available to the public after the tremendously positive response from lecture attendees.

1 review for Chiron: Blueprint of Your Deep Heart (audio)

  1. Margaret Cahill

    I was hooked from the start by the title. Often referred to as the ‘wounded healer’, astrological Chiron reveals what it means to be truly, wisely human… A cookbook section showing Chiron by sign and house is included. Set aside the weekend for this one. – Margaret Cahill, The Wessex Astrologer, UK

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