Soulsign Astrology & Healing Sessions

“Astrological inquiries are those focused on the Soul and rely on the very soul force present in all living things.”  – Adam Gainsburg


Life Map/Soul Purpose

Life Map/Soul Purpose sessions are powerful opportunities to have your natal chart delineated by a Soulsign Astrologer. They can go high and wide or down and deep, depending on where you are in your life journey and what you’re wanting now. Life Map sessions address the issues you bring into the session, often exposing into awareness the questions you’ve not yet identified for yourself.

Life Map/Soul Purpose sessions always include an in-depth interpretation of the primary evolutionary axis on your chart: the Lunar Nodes and their dispositing planets. Identifying areas of concern, questions or issues you’d like addressed are encouraged, as are requests for support in greater creativity, fulfillment and fun! Life Map/Soul Purpose sessions can also address upcoming transits, progressions or other derived time techniques.

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WOW were you right about our “needing to adjust our diet”! All the local vegetable stands, stores, and many restaurants simply close down in late July to early August because it is too hot to grow anything. I’m simply amazed that you could read that subtlety in our astrology! ~ PO

Thank you, Adam. I feel as though you taught me much today and have given me a new ‘expansive’ framework from which to view the way my energies work, not only within myself, but in the world. You are a gifted seer, and most generous and kind….Also, I should tell you that you covered every question I had even though I didn’t get around to asking them! ~ Jan, GA

I have been amazed at the changes taking place in my world since the session – really examining anger and sense of Self, asking forgiveness for my past hurtfulness and lack of presence, and learning to reframe communication (both in and out!!). The progress is beautiful. I thank you for your presence, your love, and your blessings. ~ Anna, CA


Your Birth Sky 

Soulsign’s founder Adam Gainsburg is at the leading edge of today’s astrological renaissance in Sky-centered astrology. Birth Sky sessions are the fruit of his continual effort to educate astrologers and astrolytes in astrology’s ancient origins – an honoring and invoking of the power of the Living Sky.

Birth Sky sessions focus on your natal Sky rather than your natal chart (the round chart wheel). The distinction between Sky and Chart cannot be overstated. The Sky under which you were born holds the primary constellations, stars, asterisms and other celestial phenomena pertinent to the moment of your birth.  Your natal Sky also tells us critical factors about many of your natal planets, which Adam has named their “Sky Factors.” Just as the sign, house and aspects are three factors of each planet gleaned from your natal Chart, other indications like speed, brightness and Earth proximity comprise each planet’s Sky Factors. Your Birth Sky session incorporates Chart and Sky, invoking a vast library of information and perspectives only possible through this synergism of Chart and Sky. 

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Just want to send you a thank you for all that you are and all that you do. In just seeing your face on Zoom I automatically dropped into my heart. ~ MP, Sebastopol

Wow, I’d no idea how much I was missing in my astrology from leaving out the beloved Stars! Thank you Adam for re-illuminating my perspective! ~ Jon, AZ


Your Inner Feminine & Masculine Marriage

Less an astrology ‘reading’ and more an alchemical experience, Inner Marriage sessions bring together your inner feminine and inner masculine in loving, safe intimacy. Out of this vitally important relationship, you are then guided in marrying them within your body, heart and mind.

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My session [was] a wonderful experience and resonated with me within my heart – my soul spoke and I listened – was very tired in the evening – my physical must be integrating the journey. It is a wonderful Gift, Adam, that you have and I thank you for being of service. ~ Emma O, Ireland


Open Human Heart Session

The Open Heart Work is a unique merging of penetrating authenticity, heart-centered shamanism, transformational tantra and radical courage.

For more information visit the Open Human Heart Sessions page here.

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There is no simple way to fathom or understand what this process is about. Experience paints a million words; this work is worth painting that picture. Adam’s work is beyond intuitive, pinpointing and inherently knowing what issues to address. Often times in personal sessions, I don’t have to say much about what issues I’ve been working with, and he begins to journey alongside with me through those issues. ~ James Pesta, Seattle WA


The Breath of the Soul MeditationBreath of the Soul Meditation

The Breath of the Soul Meditationfacilitates a direct experience of your Soul throughout your entire being. It utilizes your orientation in space/time and your clear heart’s intention to touch a state of consciousness known in the Soulsign work as omnidimensionality. Simultaneously you know yourself to be both matter and beyond matter.

Each individual receives a unique and nuanced variation of the Breath of the Soul which is customized just for them at that point in their unfolding.

More information on Breath of the Soul can he found here.

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I found the Breath of the Soul meditation quite remarkable and look forward to exploring it’s possibilities. My experience the evening of the class was energetically profound. I send heartfelt thanks as I acknowledge your wisdom, expertise and Mastery. ~ Alicia Sirkin, BFRP, Personal Development Coach and Bach Remedy Educator


Setting up your Session:

  • The length of your session is up to you. Select your desired session length in the form below.

  • Sessions are $200 per hour. Payment is made after your session. Checks and Venmo transfers are preferred, and we also accept Visa/MC, American Express and PayPal here. We’ve taken extra steps to secure our website’s ordering system so your credit card and PayPal information is never stored on our servers.

  • Please note that normal scheduling of sessions with Adam is 1-3 months, depending on time of year. He offers sessions Monday through Friday. 

  • Cancellation/Postponements: If you email or call us 5 days or more in advance of your scheduled session time, there’s no cancellation fee. If we receive your message less than 5 days before your time, there is a $120 fee. If within 24 hours of your session time or if no notice is sent, we require a $200 fee.

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