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“I re-listened to the first astrology feedback you gave me 4 years ago. You totally predicted the dynamic that was developing between my husband and I back then. I think we are finally breaking the pattern. I can’t believe your depth of your wisdom…it gives me so much faith. Your generous voice is such a resource to this planet. thank you.” – EG, Oregon


Astrology Readings

Life Map/Soul Purpose Soulsign’s Natal Chart Reading. The most commonly requested session, the Map/Purpose session can go high and wide or down and deep to address the issues you bring into the session and even the questions you’ve not yet identified for yourself. The session to choose if you’d like to know just what in the stars you’re actually doing here on the planet at this time! Map/Purpose sessions frame your entire life within the context of your Soul’s Desire and your prior incarnational patterns. They can address your Self-Lack,  Destined Identity, Sacred Wound, Personal Medicine, Angular Aspirations, and any signature of your birth chart. Can also include upcoming transits.

“Thank you for a fantastic session – I am still absorbing a lot of it, getting goose bumps from time to time.  I am looking forward to the continuation. Many hugs and blessings!” JM, Denmark

” Thank you for showing up and bringing your wisdom, Grace and presence.  I am deeply grateful for all of the ways you illuminate my world. You are making a beneficent contribution to my desire for participating in the awakening of the homo luminous – homo universalis!” LW, CO

Your Birth Sky Session   Quite different than reading your Birth Chart, your Sky Session evokes a dynamic picture of vital information which current astrology isn’t prepared to speak to. Birth Sky Sessions reveal your life’s personal Rising and Setting Stars along with key stars playing a role in particular stages of your life. Thanks in part to AstroLogos’ re-incorporation of Mesopotamian sky wisdom, your Star Session relies on Adam’s unique method of ‘reading’ the constellational and phase positions of your natal planets without the emphasis on natal parans. The effect of a Birth Sky Session is to effectively elongate the diameter or radiate the field in which your authentic awareness and understanding of yourself arises without effort. More than gaining an imaginative view of what your life is really about, you come to inhabit your body, and your life, as if they were nothing less than the entire universe. This is a natural result, when the practice of astrology is released from the bounds of its 8000 year tradition.

“[After my session yesterday] I fell into bed feeling boggled. Had an incredible personal session with Healing Astrologer Adam Gainsburg. Wholeheartedly recommend scheduling time with Adam to interpret your birth sky and to work with opening your heart. We have so much to learn from each other and from listening in to our own inner wisdom. Today I am tingling about this.” – Glenna, WA

“Wow, I’d no idea how much I was missing in my astrology from leaving out the beloved Stars! Thank you Adam for re-illuminating my perspective!” – Jon, AZ

“Merci beaucoup for the most excellent reading I have ever experienced. I felt like we were sailing through the Stars, touching them and gathering their Wisdom. Confusion about past, present and future, melted away as you shared your insights. Adam is as the Ancient Astrologer Priest, one who divines the Celestial Nature of our birth chart, and then phrases this vast knowledge in a context both compassionate and revelatory.” ~ CriostIona, VA

Your Inner Feminine & Masculine Marriage Less an astrology ‘reading’ and more an alchemical experience, Inner Marriage sessions bring together your inner feminine and inner masculine in loving, safe intimacy. Out of this vitally important relationship, you are then guided in marrying them within your body, heart and mind.

“As I explained to you in my session, I’ve always been drawn to how we come together intimately. And like I also said, I’ve been working on my own inner intimacy between my inner feminine and masculine, much to the dismay of past partners! But my experience in my session was altogether different because at each new opening I could feel the space was filled with love and safety. I haven’t ever felt that before and/but it made all the difference to me! I’m realizing only today that the love and safety exists within me, I just wasn’t ready to say Yes to it on my own! Thank you for helping me say Yes, Adam.” Enrika, Holland

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Healing Sessions

Open Heart Sessions can reveal you to yourself underneath the tried-and-true beliefs and self-images you may be holding about who you are, what spirituality is and what your life is about. In the space of the Open Heart is found the capacity to receive even the most ancient challenges completely and have them transformed there. Open Heart Sessions are held by phone, Skype and in person (based on Adam’s travel schedule). They directly increase your capacity to experience your true feelings. OH Sessions are excellent for showing you plainly what you are (still) doing and no longer engaging in. As a result, they provide experiential evidence for what you are actually available for and what is currently too much. A noticeable decrease of self-criticism, confusion, and anxiety have been reported as well. 

Open Heart Sessions:
  • Are held in a safe space of love which your Heart instantly knows and can relax into.
  • Carry no agenda to heal you, fix you, or get you somewhere.
  • Support us in allowing embodied Love to hold us in our experience.
  • Engender our more integrated presence.
  • Energize us to choose and own where we’re coming from in each moment. 
  • Result in a living intimacy with ourselves, with others and with life

“My heart will never ask me to feel too much…. Being in the present moment is only the beginning. Choosing one’s heart without one’s image allows the healing to self-arise.”~ Marcus Daniels, GSI, RPP, AC founder of Authentic Healing & the Feeling Body 

“I am in awe of how you honor my current level of awareness so well. The patience and compassion involved with what you do is astounding.” ~ Michelle, WA

“I find I don’t have words to accurately describe the way Adam’s Open Heart sessions have changed my life; changed me.  This lack of words speaks to the amazing shift that is happening inside of me.  For the first time in my life, I don’t need to know everything and have the right words – to have words at all. Open Heart sessions are loosening my tight mental control.  Adam is showing me a new way of being.  I am slowly opening to me – receiving more love and life than ever before.  Adam reveals the ways I keep myself locked up, closed down and distracted in self-protection.  He challenges me to be honest with myself.  I don’t know what “freedom” really means, but I do know that Adam is teaching me to be free, and I feel myself coming alive in my heart and body.  Adam is Love, guiding me back to Love; back to my own Love – There is nothing I recommend more.” ~ Tara, WA

“This is drop-down, without a doubt the most direct form of healing I’ve ever experienced. Because I’m the one who chooses to heal or not!! And I get it now (finally). It’s in my hands. Thanks Adam for your Heart and amazing intuition.” ~ Amanda, FL

“The OH work of healing and transformation is beyond words.  I have never met and received myself with so much truth and intimacy before – and all while staying completely, utterly in my authentic safety of my heart. I have finally found what I have been looking for my whole life .”   ~ Dana 

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Breath of the Soul™ Sessions are a Soulsign-specific modality highly accurate at diagnosing the current condition of your holographic coherence, or the amount of your consciousness actually available for non-dualistic thinking and living. It is then called on to perform the healing/balancing itself through a facilitated process of opening to the innate intelligence of your higher senses. The result of a  Breath of the Soul session or one that incorporates Breath of the Soul is a simultaneity of felt expansiveness and deep embodiment/groundedness. Learn more about the Breath of the Soul >

“The session was extremely helpful. I feel I am much more fully in my body.” ~ Marie Reed,  RYT500

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Session Information:

  • Upon receiving your reading request, we will email you with the next available session time.
  • The length of the reading is entirely determined by you. For your first reading, it is suggested that you plan for 1.5-2 hours. Minimum is 60 minutes. Please let us know if you have a desired reading length.
  • We ask that you clarify beforehand for yourself any questions or issues you’d like to bring into your reading. You do not need to send them beforehand, unless you would like to.
  • Session rate for individuals is $150/first hour and $100/each additional hour. Session rate for couples is $150/hour. Payment for your reading is made after it’s completed. Checks are preferred, and we also accept Visa/MC/AmEx/Discover, Paypal and Google Payments. 
  • Your session is digitally recorded. After your reading, you receive an email with a link to easily download the audio file(s).
  • Please note that normal scheduling of readings with Adam is 8-12 weeks. Sessions are offered during the week, Monday through Friday.
  • Due to the popularity of readings with Adam, we ask for a $100 fee if you cancel or postpone your scheduled reading within 3 days. The time slot left open in Adam’s reading schedule can otherwise be filled by many others who would like an earlier time slot. We hope you understand this request.

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Personal Session Feedback:

  • “I wanted to extend my thanks to you for an incredible session. It was a very powerful and deep experience for me. I feel moved inwardly and my consciousness is definitely shifting inside. Your work is profound and so clear. I count you as a true and genuine blessing in my life.” ~ Lou, PA
  • “Thank you so much for such a great reading. I got so so much out of it and will continue to do so…. You are a gift, not only by your kind heart and delightful being, but by your contribution of the unique and golden age ushering counsel that you give to others.” ~ Daniel, AZ
  • “Thank you Adam, I can tell you my actions intentions and thoughts are certainly more transparent and I am grateful to you for being willing to work with me.” ~ June, CA
  • “I think about (and listen to) readings I have had with you over the years that helped me to awaken my Soul’s Desire….All were soooo helpful. My Soul is able to breathe and enjoy life now.” ~ Lisa Berg,
  • “I wish to thank you for your ability to clearly see how I am not seeing clearly.” ~ Francesco, CA
  • “What an incredible session! It is just about the best I have ever had, and I am very grateful. I am very clear about how I might help myself now.” ~ Annie, NY
  • “It is hard to find the words to describe how I would like to thank you for our session of today. I guess it should suffice to say that I feel joyous with all my heart.” ~ Debra, VA
  • “I have been amazed at the changes taking place in my world since the session – really examining anger and sense of Self, asking forgiveness for my past hurtfulness and lack of presence, and learning to reframe communication (both in and out!!). The progress is beautiful. I thank you for your presence, your love, and your blessings.” ~ Anna, CA

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