Open Human Heart Sessions

“If I had found the Open Heart work 15 years ago, I might have avoided
a lot of the suffering that my healing-through-spirituality asked of me.
No regrets in the least, just a quiet, profound knowing that I now have a living bond
with my Human Spirituality rooted in my heart, in my body! 

It’s far sweeter and more available than I ever imagined.” ~ Myles 

“More dear to me than anything, I am now about 12 times happier
with ALL aspects of my life. Instead of cowering in fear or resisting the “dark stuff”,
I’m sipping on the vitality
that lies within it.” ~ Liz Wieking

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

The Open Heart work is one-part somatic heart experience, one-part radical transformation, and one-part courageous self-loving in real time. No prep, staging or practice required. It’s a direct method of healing and growth which is based in our capacity to receive our real feelings, to feel as an empowered being. The authenticity of our actual feelings is not the same as the stories woven into our emotional responses. Only through our human hearts do we find the vastness of complete embodiment. When Love is first, even our history returns to the present to be loved. This is a uniquely different choice in how we are creating being humans authentically together.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

In private sessions or group workshops, we experience a new stability inside our own skin. When this happens, what’s possible changes. We start living underneath how we usually reference ourselves, how we identify what we want and how we know what we’re feeling. This becomes our empowerment as a human being first.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

The bad news is you’re falling through the air,
nothing to hang on to, no parachute.
The good news is, there’s no ground.
~ Chogyam Trungpa ~

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

The keys are choosing and allowing ourselves to feel what we’re actually feeling, without the overlay of good-and-bad, our history or a desired/feared future (expectations). Our beliefs, self-images, assumptions, blind spots, embarrassments and shadows arise into and through our direct experience, without becoming filtered through the intellect or our spiritual beliefs. Our human heart is holding everything happening for us. No reason to leave ourselves, just our choice – freedom – to be what we want.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

"Heart Altar Box" by Valeria VioletIn the space of our Open Heart is the capacity to receive even the most ancient challenges and have them transformed there. Over time, we find our understanding of ourselves giving way gently to directly experiencing what’s happening in our moment, with more availability, awareness and juice. 

Private sessions are held over private video; group workshops by private video and in person. Adam recommends having a private session before attending a workshop.

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Private Sessions:

  • Are held in a safe space of Love which your Heart instantly knows and can relax into.

  • Gently reveal your hidden agendas of isolation, victimizing or arrogance, yet carry no agenda to heal you, fix you or get you somewhere.

  • Foster your natural, unmanaged enthusiasm.

  • Support your active allowing of the moment to be Loved simply in your heart.

  • Gradually result in an alive stability, an unshakeable intimacy with yourself, with others and with life.

Group Workshops:

  • Are held as 1 or 2 day experiences and are kept to under 20 people.

  • Significantly increase how safe we are to feel our real feelings while staying in our Heart the entire time rather than leaving to go to emotional patterns. 

  • Provide a greater litmus test of our commitment to Love First.

  • Can be challenging to entrenched self-images about what we are available for.

  • Are held in a vast and very tangible field of Love without agenda.

  • For those new to the Open Heart work, it’s suggested to experience a personal session with Adam first (see below for details on scheduling). If finances are a legitimate concern, we ask you request a conversation with Adam at least a week before the workshop.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

adam-headshot-4Adam’s offering of the Open Heart work has a basis in part on the groundbreaking synthesis of eastern and western modes of transformation by Marcus Daniels. “My heart will never ask me to feel too much…. Being in the present moment is only the beginning. Choosing one’s heart without one’s image allows the healing to self-arise.”~ Marcus Daniels, GSI, RPP, AC; founder of Authentic Healing & the Feeling Body

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What People Are Saying…

  • “I’ve been involved in many transformational bodies of work for over 20 years, some more long term and some less so. Adam’s facilitation of the Open Human Heart work shows me that through all of my past experience I was still relying on a part of my mind to follow and participate in my transformation. I simply didn’t know I could trust my deep heart THAT much. Whole new possibilities open up now! Thanks so much Adam!” – Jason F, New Orleans, LA

  • “Adam cuts through bullshit. He is genuinely kind. He is brave and can stand on his own holding space for himself and others to be exactly what they are in that moment. He has tremendous feeling capacity with clearly developed, healthy emotional boundaries.” – Tara Aal

  • Since our last meeting I have allowed myself to really become aware of and deeply experience my vulnerability – and also to go to and stay in my heart when I felt most vulnerable. At times these experiences have actually resulted in physical pain in the heart area of my body. I had never before in my life allowed vulnerability; I always went straight for action, fixing the problem and avoiding being weak and vulnerable – not anymore! Now I can revel in vulnerability. I have at times experienced intense and deep emotions, such as loss, grief and sadness, but I have also experienced real highs, real joy related to all this new in my life, to coming home to myself, to becoming ME. I feel very open, clear and ready – to more of this! I love this new me.” JH, Netherlands

    “A lot of what he says in my sessions somehow surpasses my mind and goes directly into the core of my being. I can often feel it in my body’s immediate response, although I cannot pinpoint what it is or why it’s happening. Frequently… they open me in places I had no idea even existed. I deeply trust Adam — his kindness hugely surpasses all of my former experiences with other modalities or teachers. The paradox is that his truly having no agenda for me to get somewhere has resulted in profound shifts in my life. I’m living my life now much more honest with myself and others, as an easeful expression of my true essence.” – Dana Wilkie, Seattle WA

  • “There is no simple way to fathom or understand what this process is about. Experience paints a million words; this work is worth painting that picture. Adam’s work is beyond intuitive, pinpointing and inherently knowing what issues to address. Often times in personal sessions, I don’t have to say much about what issues I’ve been working with, and he begins to journey alongside with me through those issues.” – James Pesta, Seattle WA

  • “I am so very grateful for the OH work in what it has done in my life…. This work is so very powerful and needed in my heart and my being.  It also has helped me show up in the world in a more powerful way.” – Dr. Melissa Patterson

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Setting up your Session:

  • painting by Tara Aal

    Adam offers sessions Monday to Friday. Average wait time between scheduling and having your session is 1-3 months, depending on time of year.

  • Your session is digitally recorded, and you receive a link to your file 1 to 2 days after your session. 

  • Sessions are $200 per hour. Payment is requested after your session. Checks and Venmo transfers are preferred, and we also accept completely secure Visa/MC, American Express and Paypal payments on this page

  • Cancellation/Postponements: If you email or call us 4 days or more in advance of your scheduled session time, there’s no cancellation fee. If we receive your message less than 3 days before your time, there is a $100 fee. If within 24 hours of your session time or if no notice is sent, $175 fee.

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