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Available types of Readings:

Life Map/Soul Purpose Reading  |  Your Upcoming Cycles  | Your Guiding Stars & Star Patterns  Your Inner Feminine & Masculine Marriage

A Soulsign Astrology personal reading is a co-creative experience between you and the Soulsign Astrologer. Based in the principles of Soulsign Astrology which utilize an integral and Soul-honoring approach, your chart is read for you with awareness for precisely where you are in your life at the time of your reading. Able to explain the intentions and methodologies of both levels of your beingness – Soul and Identity – the astrologer can then emphasize key natal signatures, upcoming transits and returns, electional and relocation questions, karmic considerations and quite a bit more.

Spiritually, our goal for your reading is for you to directly experience your Soul through any level of your complete being. It has been shown conclusively that even one experience of your Soul will catalyze the most profound shifts in personal reality and perceptive skill.

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Astrology Readings with Adam Gainsburg…

…bring Soulsign Astrology to vibrant, radiant life for you! Your reading experience is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the catalytic richness of Soul-focused living. You may come away with important insights about yourself and/or your life path, a return to an original knowing you may have forgotten, or a set of new perspectives invaluable for making better choices in the future. As Soulsign’s founder, Adam brings into your session a vast body of wisdom culled not only from ancient mysteries and modern discoveries but from a deep understanding of how consciousness itself is evolving through you. His gift of communication then delivers these precious gems of knowing and framing in easily accessible ways.


Adam currently offers several formats of readings:

→ Life Map/Soul Purpose

The most commonly requested session, the Map/Purpose Reading can go high and wide or down and deep to address the issues you bring into the session and even the questions you’ve not yet identified for yourself. The session to choose if you’d like to know just what in stars you’re actually doing here on the planet at this time! Map/Purpose sessions frame your entire life within the context of your Soul’s Desire and your prior incarnational patterns. They can address your Self-Lack,  Destined Identity, Sacred Wound, Personal Medicine Angular Aspirations, and any signature of your birth chart.

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→ Your Upcoming Cycles

Includes Solar and other Returns, LifeCycles, and upcoming transits. Three types of progressions; four types of arc-directions and other select techniques are utilized where appropriate.

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→ Your Guiding Stars & Star Patterns

A “Star Session” gives you your life’s personal Rising and Setting Stars along with key stars playing a role in particular stages of your life. Based in part on AstroLogos’ re-incorporation of Mesopotamian sky wisdom, a Star Session incorporates Adam’s exclusive Mars and Venus Journey material. The result  is a poweful archetypal narrative playing itself out through and as you. Star Sessions are charged at a moderately higher fee.

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“WOW, thank you so much for the wonderful session. My partner kept saying throughout the day how he loved how your words flow. I LOVE my stars. I feels like a deep missing piece is now coming home. This certainly took our relationship to the next level. Thank you! We are having such fun!” ~ Cynthia Miller,

→ Your Inner Feminine & Masculine Marriage

Less an astrology ‘reading’ and more an alchemical experience, Inner Marriage sessions create an deep intimacy with your own inner feminine and inner masculine. Out of these vitally important relationships, you are the guided in marrying them within your body, heart and mind.

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Setting up your Reading:

  • Upon receiving your reading request, we will email you with the next available session time.
  • The length of the reading is entirely determined by you. For your first reading, it is suggested that you plan for 1.5 hours. Minimum is 45 minutes. Please let us know if you have a desired reading length.
  • We ask that you clarify any questions or issues you’d like to bring into your reading. You do not need to send them beforehand, unless you would like to.
  • Fee is $200 for 1.5 hours, (reduced from 2008 rates). Payment is requested after your reading. A student rate and a payment schedule are available to those for whom payment is not immediately possible. Checks are preferred, and we also accept Visa/MC, Paypal and Google Payments.
  • Your reading is digitally recorded. After your reading, you receive an email with a link to easily download the audio file(s). For an additional $10, we can mail a CD of your reading to you.
  • Please note that normal scheduling of readings with Adam is 4-6 weeks. Readings and Sessions are offered during the week, Monday through Friday.

More About Soulsign Personal Astrology Readings

Soulsign® is known for its dynamic methods which combine both visionary elements to your chart interpretation with specificity such as  dates of what to expect inner and outer changes might bring, key suggestions to counteract negative behaviors and others to enhance positive growth. In readings which address psychological, emotional and physical issues, counseling techniques are employed. Since 2003 the most common experience reported by our clients is the personally powerful framework – an evolution-of-consciousness frame – given to them in their reading. With it, they are able to understand why they’ve made the choices they have, why it might be difficult at times to make better choices, and how their life – exactly as it is as they have created it – is perfectly formed to catalyze their greater Soul realization through their unique Identity’s expression in the world.

Soulsign Astrology readings are held in the energy of sacred space. Soulsign Astrologers treat the receipt of your birth data as a sacred entrustment from your higher knowing. The depth and beauty of insight gleaned for you in your astrology reading is the result of Soulsign’s exclusive framing of your Essence as the primordial alchemy of fundamental movements in consciousness: the Soul’s Desire to involute or enter incarnational experience and the Identity’s evolution into a continual state of awakenedness.

From this foundation, any and all astrological techniques the astrologer desires to work with are made available to the client, from locational work, electional, predictive, and horary to psychological, evolutionary (EA), spiritual and uranian. Your selected astrologer can let you know which techniques s/he works with.

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  • “Merci beaucoup for the most excellent reading I have ever experienced. I felt like we were sailing through the Stars, touching them and gathering their Wisdom. Confusion about past, present and future, melted away as you shared your insights. Adam is as the Ancient Astrologer Priest, one who divines the Celestial Nature of our birth chart, and then phrases this vast knowledge in a context both compassionate and revelatory.” ~ CriostIona, VA
  • “Thank you so much for such a great reading. I got so so much out of it and will continue to do so…. You are a gift, not only by your kind heart and delightful being, but by your contribution of the unique and golden age ushering counsel that you give to others.” ~ Daniel, AZ
  • “Thank you Adam, I can tell you my actions intentions and thoughts are certainly more transparent and I am grateful to you for being willing to work with me.” ~ June, CA
  • “I wanted to extend my thanks to you for an incredible session. It was a very powerful and deep experience for me. I feel moved inwardly and my consciousness is definitely shifting inside. Your work is profound and so clear. I count you as a true and genuine blessing in my life.” ~ Lou, PA

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