Soulsign Practitioner Trainings

The Soulsign Practitioner Training Programs offer the means to become a Soulsign Practitioner, in each of its spheres (astrology, soundwork, Breath of the Soul™, etc). This occurs through Self-Certification.


Current Soulsign Practitioner Training Programs

Soulsign Astrology Training »
Courses of study and practice in soul astrology, including:

“I appreciated learning from Adam’s Immersion course an embodied right-left brain approach that started with celestial mechanics. He is a patient teacher and extremely thorough.  Adams mentorship strengthened my ability to develop an intuitive understanding of the astrological archetypes. His depth understanding of how the soul evolves is truly inspiring and deeply insightful. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to study with him.” – Jen,

Breathwork Training



Watch An Adam Gainsburg Video Interview

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  Adam Gainsburg Full Interview


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