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Soulsign Astrology Immersion Course

Did you know Soulsign Astrology has it’s own comprehensive astrology program? The Immersion Training is a self-directed, self-certified course comprised of four Modules, 28 classes with numerous handouts and class assignments. Complete all four modules to become a self-certified Soulsign Astrologer® or purchase modules individually to customize your leaning! 

Included with the purchase of the full training are three of Adam’s books: Chiron: The Wisdom of a Deeply Open Heart, The Soul’s Desire for Wholeness, and The Soul’s Desire and the Evolution of Identity. These are the essential textbooks for the classes.



Exploring the Aries Goddess with Adam Gainsburg

This interview was conducted on March 30 by Adam Sommer, just 5 days after Venus’ interior retrograde conjunction with the Sun which initiated her Aries cycle. The Adams talk about what this new cycle might portend, the big difference between Venus’ two ‘underworld’ journeys, plus character traits clients have demonstrated which are unique to their natal Venus phase, and lots more!



Interview with Adam 

This interview was conducted by the folks at WSAA (Washington State Astrological Association) in preparation for a lecture and workshop Adam gave there in 2015. The topics are still relevant now.

What brought you to astrology?

A means of articulating the flows of energy and feeling that wasn’t accessible to me before then.

Why do you practice astrology? What makes it juicy for you?

To turn people on to themselves, which I feel makes the world a better, richer and more creative place to live in. Professionally, I’m very excited about the re-incorporation of a living sky into our chart work. It’s the reason for my participation in the Sky Astrology initiative.

What is your specialty, or focus?

In sessions with clients: Transformation that reaches deeper than self-understanding and self-awareness, which often impede transformation. Materially, that’s the Nodes, Chiron and the outer planets; along with natal phases of all the planets with the Sun.

In classes with students: strengthening the student’s embodiment of the knowledge and information they impart to their clients.

Is there a planet, sign, or aspect you’ve been exploring lately that represents an archetype or energy that feels important to you right now?

Saturn’s ingress into Sagittarius. As a transit, this is many, many things. “Changing what’s possible” doesn’t mean we have the means, clarity or dedication to actually change what we want, but it is increasing our collective menu of what’s possible. To that end, our dogmatic fixations on knowing what’s up, knowing the real deal, and knowing ourselves will be pointed out with increasing frequency and directness over the next two years. And societally, how we stay centered in the face of massive, even threatening differences with others will be exposed to an increasingly extent. Transiting Saturn as the agent of Sagittarian space is a recipe for shocking disclosures of presumptuousness, inaccuracy, bloatedness, self-righteousness and over-idealism. It’s also the harmonious relationship between beliefs and practicalities, and the capacity for finding extraordinary common ground with others that has the legs to benefit many. It’s when one’s Path is encountered as one’s real Capacity, not what one hopes, aspires, or flings themselves into.

What is your picture of astrology in the future?

When I put my astro-geek hat on, I see a new way of casting a Moment (ie, a birth or elected time), both of rendering it graphically and what kinds of information it would include. Most importantly though, I see more astrologers being more conscious people, more facile in the language of self-awareness, with more emotional literacy, more somatic awareness. All this is the quality of their relationship with themselves, which then translates into being better (read: more aligned to their center) astrologers.

Are there any additional comments you would like to make about your lecture and workshop?

The Retrograde & Invisibility talk will be the first time I’m giving it, so I hope I am intelligible for folks. I really enjoy the Seattle astrologers because you are quite literate about deeper dimensions of experience. The workshop on Chiron will be the first time for the workshop (rather than the lecture format). So we can always find riches when we come together under the tutelage of the Medicinal Healer.

If you discovered a new planet, or asteroid, what would you name it and why?

Would be fun to call it Of Course to remind me that I’m always just one letter from being utterly off course (what can I say, late Gemini Rising humor)!



Venus’ Wholeness Phase

In honor of Venus’ current passage through the sky in her Wholeness phase of the waning Leo cycle — this phase began January 12th and lasts through March 4 — below are excerpts from Adam’s The Light of Venus on the significance of this phase of Her journey. This applies particularly to those who were born within this phase, though also to the rest of us, as each phase has its own resonance with all other phases. The planet of Relationship wouldn’t have it any other way!

Venus is now at her highest and brightest in the evening sky, and she’s also furthest from the Sun as seen from Earth. She unveils herself to our eyes each sunset, higher over the western horizon and visible for longer than in any other evening phase. She quickly decelerates through your phase — ending it motionless, suspended, radiant. 

Being born into the Wholeness Phase says you carry an innate personal ‘magnitude’ that you are learning to utilize for societal benefit. (‘Magnitude’ is the astronomical term for the brightness of a celestial body.)

Each person’s feminine ‘light’ is a metaphor for the energy of their life force, since it is the Feminine Principle which is responsible for creation itself. …It can be quite illuminating for you to devote some time to feeling into and reflecting on what it means to be ‘whole’ in yourself. Wholeness suggests an entirety, inhabiting both inside and outside realities….

Born into Venus’ complete visibility is also wonderful for spotlighting every bit of internal resistance inside you.  It makes it quite difficult for you to hide from yourself, though you will have developed quite good strategies for trying!….You’re a natural manifestor, though it may be more of an instinctual know-how than a consciously-wielded skill.

In the Venus cycle, Wholeness is a state of being resulting from all that has come before. It is earned. It is not a magic wand or an indication of good karma or a spiritual silver spoon. This is a uniquely feminine wholeness, an internally-stable identity free from emotional dependencies, and balanced between worldly contentment and spiritual pursuit.

For more on the Venus Phases, see The Light of Venus and Sati & Venus: The Feminine Dimension of Enlightenment


The Year of Astrology Forecast ~ Excerpt

Adam is excited to participate with 12 other popular astrologers in Astrology Hub’s latest offering: a year-long immersion into different astrological techniques, methods and approaches. It’s a fantastic opportunity for both astrolytes and seasoned astrologers to get a taste — and then some! — of the vast field and sacred art of astrology.

Below is a summary of Adam’s forecast for the coming year. You can find more information about his teaching and master class in February/March here.

  • 2017 transits will accelerate the changes, challenges and opportunities begun in 2016.
  • “Being Prepared” doesn’t mean battening down the hatches and getting ready for every catastrophe. “Preparedness” this year will come down to your relationship with the part of you that is constant, reliable, unwavering and already wise and empowered. THIS is what creates flexibility in responding to changes.
  • The biggest obstacle to not only meeting but thriving in response to 2017’s acceleration will be your attachment to your mental and emotional beliefs: mental = conscious ones, emotional = subconscious ones.
  • What you already believe, based on past experience, can seriously limit new possibilities showing up at your door. They’re coming as beautifully wrapped gifts but are you seeing them as threatening, barking dogs?
  • If you find yourself in situations this year that seem like a dead-end or a serious threat to what you’ve come to expect from your life, you know for certain you’re at a threshold. What threshold? Life is now asking you to get bigger, get deeper, get lighter and/or get more honest than you’ve ever risked before. There’s no map for this, only your own heart.


The Soul’s Desire for Wholeness

The foundations of Soulsign Astrology are in Adam’s first book, The Soul’s Desire for Wholeness. Originally known as Sacred Marriage Astrology, Soulsign Astrology works with the ancient premise that alchemy is the key to — and is in fact the only true response to — duality. The resolution of the opposing forces of being both a timeless Soul and a finite Identity can only happen when we surrender to the open space of self-discovery rather than insist on strict self-definitions. 

An excerpt from the book:

SMA was formed as an alternative to mainstream astrology’s dependence on Sun-sign, personality-driven interpretation and as a re-invigoration of the deep heart of the sky. Powerfully affirming our Soul-level of being drives its practice. It has been described as ‘multi-dimensional,’ ‘endlessly affirming of the human potential,’ ‘deeply caring,’ and ‘a wake-up call to what I always knew, but forgot.’ Its principles have been built and arranged not from tired astrological methods, but from an active fascination with every level of the human being itself. Its perspective is that we are the holders of vast mysteries beyond our psychology and behavior, in contrast to the energetic paradigm which current mainstream astrology blindly maintains. It suggests we are innately complete in our design — we are de facto ‘wired’ as our own alpha and omega. 

Find The Soul’s Desire for Wholeness here


The Lunar Nodes & the Solar Markers

In honor of the Capricorn Solstice two days ago, we’re highlighting one of Adam’s most popular articles titled, The Lunar Nodes & the Solar Markers. Although the current nodal axis at the end of 2016 is in Virgo/Pisces, nonetheless, it is a fascinating read about the significations of the cardinal energies and the backward movement of the nodes. Excerpted from the article:

The interaction of the nodes with the cardinal points is a worthwhile inquiry. The points themselves are: March equinox at 0° Aries; June solstice at 0° Cancer; September equinox at 0° Libra; and December solstice at 0° Capricorn; month names are given to avoid hemispheric discrimination. When the Lunar Nodal axis reaches any pair of these cardinal points, they will already have traveled through the entire cardinal sign. They will, in very real terms, defy the astrological basis that the 0° position is the beginning. They instead treat the beginning degree as their fruition point. For the nodes, these points mark their ending and summation experience of their ±1⅔-year traverse of the sign. How do we wrap our heads around these contrary motions?

Read the full article here


Chiron – The Origin of Separation

In this video snippet from Adam’s From Wound to Heart with Chiron, he speaks to his interpretation of Chiron in astrology representing the entire condition of human separation. Separation is the environment in which human experience occurs. We believe this is a unique interpretation of Chiron, one which has been borne out in many hours of counseling with clients over the years. 

 Click on image to watch


Astrological Understanding & Presence

by Adam Gainsburg

No matter the system, method or technology employed in any therapeutic work, the qualified practitioner needs to be able to set aside their prescribed, familiar methods when the situation calls for it and follow the lead of their Soul. As many practitioners in the healing arts are finding, an organized ‘system,’ no matter how loyally followed, often cannot address every need.

That human beings exist in an implicit Soul kinship with one another is the basis for authentic healing in any form. Your ability to intuit, discern or empath another’s condition is rooted in this kinship. It is the overlapping Soul field created and shared by practitioner and client which is the true leader of any healing experience.

Healing and counseling efforts through the Soulsign work strongly rely on experience and heart intelligence in the counseling and facilitation of healing, rather than strict adherence to prescribed systems.

“Pioneer astrologer Isabel Hickey [1903-1980] believed that…you had to love the person you were reading a chart for…. She once stated during a conversation that if you kept looking down at the chart and not into the person’s eyes, you were probably not a good astrologer. It was necessary to operate from a caring and loving space in order to be effective when dealing with peoples’ lives.”   ~ From Chains to Wings, 1994.


VenusMoon Meditation

In astrology, Venus and the Moon are the two primary symbols of the Feminine. In this complementary audio, Adam leads a meditation honoring an alignment of Venus and the Moon. Although this particular alignment occurred a few years ago, the meditation is no less powerful as meditation itself occurs within a timeless field. 

Speaking of the planet Venus, Adam says “Venus is our inner somatic experience, the intelligence of our body. Most astrology talks about Venus as our feelings and our physical body. What I’m suggesting here is something further than that — I’m suggesting that the entire realm of yourself as a sentient being is in fact ruled by Venus“.


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 InnerView with Cynthia Miller Ph.D

Adam conducted this interview in 2009 with Cynthia Miller Ph.D. Cynthia is a healer, author, visionary artist as well as a Soulsign Practitioner. 

InnerView Highlights:

  • Life as a whitewater river guide
  • Radical Gratitude ™
  • Making the unconscious conscious
  • Working with your body energetically
  • Re-trusting the joy & bliss of the body natural
  • Lots more!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


 Soul into Identity / Identity into Soul, by Adam Gainsburg

In every possible way (you) conspire to know freedom and love.” – Hafiz

As an intelligence located in duality, you naturally exist in two domains. The first is your Self-Essence or Soul. This is you as your timeless, unborn and undying, holographic and omnidimensional self. This is your essentiality. It is the most fundamental level at which there is still ‘you’. The second is Self-Identity, which is the accumulated intelligence from every means you have to know yourself as a self. The five domains of Self-Identity are: your physical body, ego structure, persona, body-mind or somatic intelligence, and your karmic patterning.

Whereas the Soul becomes incarnated into an Identity in order to experience itself, the Identity aspires to realize itself as Soul. The Soul is the Identity’s indwelling master, while the Identity is the Soul’s vehicle or conduit. Both players in this cross-dimensional dance require the other to meet the overall goal which is nothing less than God experiencing itself (from the Soul or ‘top-down view’) or the evolution of consciousness (from the Identity or ‘bottom-up view’).

The way your Soul and current Identity relate or are structurally wired together creates your tendency to be more top-down or bottom-up in cellular orientation. If you are more of a top-down being, you will naturally know and feel the truth of the Soul either directly or through a tradition, may have a strong intuitive or empathic ability, and may tend to seek experiences ‘beyond’ the visible world. The invisible realms may feel more like home for you.

If instead you are more bottom-up in orientation, you will know innately how to move in the world, will trust the tangible and sensate over the invisible and intuited, and will feel more at home among the diverse beauty and intrigue of the world and your immediate experience.

In your current incarnational expression, you are wired to be exactly who you are today as an Identity and reflect precisely what you have always been as Soul. The Soulsign work is specifically designed to facilitate your awakening and embodiment of both levels of your beingness.


** From the Free Articles section of the website. 


The Light of Venus (book)Appendix 12 from The Light of Venus: Embracing Your Deeper Feminine, Empowering Our Shared Future

The Full You Map

Here is a Venus-inspired, very basic map of the four levels of self, which I call “The Full You Map.” I’ve rewritten it from its original form to be more easily understandable to more people. This is offered to inspire a greater appreciation for the profound blessing and challenges of being human.  

 Your Heart

This is the captain of your life, and the root chakra of your soul. It’s where kosmic brilliance dons a body costume as you. Your Heart – including what I’ve called in the book on Chiron your Deep Heart – is the most intelligent, informed and connected part of you. It always has the answer to What next? and never has need to know Why?  Judaism’s holy book attests that God “has set eternity in your heart.” Heart Coherency, the divine basis of all relationships,  is the true future of human evolution.

Your Psyche

This is your life’s chief of operations, the one who keep tabs on everything. It’s also where your archetypes, angels, underworlds, overworlds and your mommy and daddy issues work themselves out. It’s your story that you tell about yourself, the story you don’t tell about yourself, as well as the story you haven’t yet admitted that you tell yourself every time something doesn’t go right. Any kind of Psyche-ology that integrates listening to your body intelligence is the best for improving your Psyche [whose original definition means “breath”]. Any that does not is temporary assistance at best. 

Your Body

This the loan you’ve taken out from the Mother Earth Bank at 0% interest. She’s asked in return only that when you’re through with it, you return it lighter, roomier and happier than when you got it. Over time, your physical Body may start to show signs that your ‘inner work’ is manifesting in an improved physiology given personal age, medical history, and mental outlook among many other factors. Your Body is a tell-tale litmus test for how far you’ve absorbed the lessons of your life, not only through biological changes but also and more subtly through how well you’ve learned to not make them personal. Changes in your Body’s patterns – tightness that goes away, low energy that raises, allergies that disappear – emanate from the same place within you as changes in your availability for better relationships and more engagement in life. These are only a few of the hundreds of signs that might correlate to changes in…

Your Consciousness

When Consciousness changes, your life changes because it includes your Heart, Psyche and Body. A profound insight for me has been that my Consciousness and my Body are the same. They reflect each other or are two faces of the same essence. In order to change one, you have to change the other along with it. If both don’t change, neither have changed. If one has changed somewhat, the other is changing only to that degree. Consciousness and Body are as inseparable as the Feminine and Masculine Forces which comprise the entire universe.


The Soul’s Desire Archives

The Soul’s Desire was a monthly blog exploring the meaning of each month’s astrological configurations for the years below. These archives are rich areas of exploration, covering planetary and aspect significations unique to Soulsign as they highlight Adam’s ability to relate astrology accessibly, regardless of experience level. 


The Soul’s Desire 2007
The Soul’s Desire 2008
The Soul’s Desire 2009


Vibrational EssencesVibrational Essences

Back by popular demand, these vibrational essences work with your body’s natural intelligence to provide added support & clarity during stressful transits, and to ready the body to hold higher frequencies in service to fuller union of soma & soul.   

Masculine-Feminine Inner Union Essence

Saturn Transit EssenceUranus Transit Essence, Neptune Transit Essence, Pluto Transit Essence, Transit Essences Kit

Personal Blend Vibrational Essence


Sky Astrology Articles

planets 1Adam writes a Sky Astrology Journal for OPA‘s quarterly newsletter. Click on the links below to view the full articles:

⇒ Sky Astrology Journal: September Equinox – December Solstice 2016

⇒ Sky Astrology Journal: June Solstice –
September Equinox 2016



Adam has resumed doing podcasts, initially with News for the Soul Radio, and now back on his own!

Podcast topics include looking at the upcoming astrology for the month ahead, provide skywatching tips, lead simple, short meditations or visualizations, and give an inside look at the newest media we’re adding to the Store. There will also be occasional guest interviews with astrologers, healers and other change-agents.

Podcasts will be quarterly or bi-monthly. To be alerted to upcoming podcasts, subscribe to the Soulsign newsletter here!

September 2016 – Episode 3 – Current Sky Configurations: Adam, Tara Aal & Andrea Haeckel discuss the Pisces Lunar Eclipse, Saturn-Neptune Square and Venus in her Remembering & Embodiment Phase: 

August 2016 – Episode 2 – Current Sky Configurations: Mars/Saturn/Antares; Mercury/Jupiter; Venus/North Node:

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July 2016 – Episode 1 – Adam’s Background:  

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