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Soulsign is a new breed of educational organization begun in 2004 to deeply support the embodiment of your actual life purpose.

Listen to a brief talk about Soulsign from founder Adam Gainsburg:

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I just wanted to write a little note to thank you for the gifts you bring those who listen. I have really started to dig into Astrology seriously and a lot of it is due to you. ~ SD


If you are new to Soulsign …


Are You Starting Out Along Your Path of Healing & Spirituality?

» The Salon for the Soul is not just any lecture!  By giving voice to what your Soul ACTUALLY is here in this life for, you may find that the answers surprise or even challenge you!

» Soulsign articles describe your Soul — your essential nature — from many lenses.

» Personal Healing Sessions with a certified Soulsign Practitioner are a great way to learn about how your Soul and your Identity are meant to partner for the fulfillment of your purpose here.


Are You Looking to Take Your Soul Path to the Next Level?

» The Breath of the Soul is a gentle breath-based form of meditation originated by Adam Gainsburg and effective for any meditator, yoga practitioner or healing arts client.

» Order a customized Soulsign Vibrational Essence crafted for your unique Being — a fantastic cellular support for deeper balancing within your own Soul vibration.

» Personal Astrology Sessions blow the lid off your birth chart and directly illuminate for you the brilliance of your unique strategy – why now, why here, and how!

» The book title, The Soul’s Desire for Wholeness, is a comprehensive explanation of the Soul choice to incarnate, the forms the Identity can take and how we are each wired in specific ways to enact our Soul’s Desire. Written not for astrologers but those seeking to understand the sophisticated beauty of our lives.


Are You Recognizing a Deeper Longing your Practices Don’t Always (or Ever) Address?

» Personal Sessions with Adam Gainsburg — especially the Open Heart work — provide direct and pragmatic assistance for getting to the bottom of those residual believed issues which still show up here and there. There’s no need for something to be ‘wrong’ for you to greatly benefit; only your inner knowing that it is time to embody your Soul.

» Practitioner Trainings are full immersions into specified areas of the Soulsign work designed for existing practitioners, those wishing to begin a practice or those interested in a Soul-focused, complete educational experience.

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