About Adam

Adam Gainsburg, Soulsign.com founder

Adam is an intuitive, teacher, and guide for the Soul. With a background in somatic and psychological healing, since 2002 he has consulted, taught and mentored many individuals, couples and groups to bring their Soul’s embodied brilliance into the world via their empowered and expanded Self Identity. His devotion to authentic presence and practical life experience — rooted in the somatic intelligence of the Human Heart — give rise to Adam’s unmistakable kindness and skill. A visionary at the leading edge of astrology, meditation, sound therapy and healing, Adam’s foremost gift is the rare ability to facilitate others in opening into and courageously embracing their full-spectrum humanity. He accomplishes this from his profound commitment to Love First.

Adam has authored four CDs, numerous mp3’s and videos, as well as four astrology books, including Chiron: The Wisdom of a Deeply Open Heart and The Light of Venus: Embracing Your Deeper Feminine, Empowering Our Shared Future by Soulsign Publishing. 



He has guest lectured to Barbara Marx Hubbard’s Gateway Course, appeared on XM-radio’s ‘Broadminded’ and has been featured in the popular Men’s Health and VEGAS magazines. Adam enjoys woodworking, high desert mountains, yoga, didjeridoo, and devotional chanting & poetry. “The future, our future, relies on improving our ability to be with one another, to create together, listen better, feel deeper and part ways amicably. The world will change before our eyes when 51% or more of us are more interested in helping, supporting, nourishing and looking out for others than ourselves first.” 


“I can almost hear his voice in the writings. When I have a phone session, or take a class, the sound of his voice and the words that he chooses to say, create physical changes in my body. The sounds reach deep into my little cells and parts of me wake up.”- Angelina Artemoff, Cert. Polarity Therapist


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