About Adam

Adam Gainsburg, Soulsign.com founderAdam is a way-shower of the Soul, connecting to the heart’s power and intelligence for self-healing. His background is in somatic and psychological healing. From his active client practice since 2002, his counseling work has benefited several thousand clients to face their deepest challenges, gain a profound understanding of the evolutionary purpose of those challenges, and ultimately learn to stabilize and re-create their lives from their greatly opened heart. Adam’s classes and workshops similarly catalyze new possibilities. He educates on a wide variety of topics, with a depth and lucidity rare among today’s teachers. Learning with Adam is deceptively effective, as one student pointed out: “I finally figured out why I was able to get what you were teaching much easier than in other astrology classes I’ve taken. It’s because you were, in a manner of speaking, loving us the whole class! This is waaayyy subtle but I finally got it. It was like we were all held in such a safe, totally accepting energy, that it let down my guard and I could be me minus that hellacious pressure to keep up.” – Eunice O.  He continues to travel throughout the US and UK teaching classes on a remarkable variety of Soul-focused skills.

“Adam is a most touching and light inspiring gift. His words and essence speak more than heard by the ears. I am grateful for the gateways he reminds us to re-connect to and embrace.” ~ Pam

As a professional astrologer, Adam maintains a private consulting practice focused on personal development, greater intimacy with one’s higher consciousness, and supporting the conscious, joyful integration of the two. He’s authored four CDs, numerous mp3’s and videos, as well as four astrology books. Adam is also the originator of an elegant breath meditation practice, known as Breath of the Soul®. Consistent with Adam’s style of integrating ancient techniques into our current post-postmodern world, Breath of the Soul evolves classic pranayama into a viable daily practice at any time of day or night. Adam has created a full line of evolutionary vibrational essences. He’s guest lectured to Barbara Marx Hubbard’s Gateway Course, appeared on XM-radio’s ‘Broadminded’ and has been featured in the popular Men’s Health and VEGAS magazines. Adam enjoys woodworking, high desert mountains, yoga, didjeridoo, and devotional chanting & poetry. “The future, our future, relies on improving our ability to be with one another, to create together, listen better, feel deeper and part ways amicably. The world will change before our eyes when 51% or more of us are more interested in helping, supporting, nourishing and looking out for others than ourselves first.”

“I can almost hear his voice in the writings. When I have a phone session, or take a class, the sound of his voice and the words that he chooses to say, create physical changes in my body. The sounds reach deep into my little cells and parts of me wake up.”- Angelina Artemoff, Cert. Polarity Therapist


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