About Soulsign Astrology®

Soulsign Astrology seeks to expose how the material universe reflects, refracts and reveals the numinous realm of the Soul. Through numerous personal sessions, classes, workshops, lectures, ceremonies and guided meditations since 2002, it has shown itself to be a valuable and reliable inner technology.

Soulsign Astrology teaches that the deeper we go into the mysteries of planetary movements, the brighter our inner knowing becomes. This ever-changing relationship between outer and inner realms harkens back to the origins of alchemy (As Within, So Without) and to the later development of the philosophy and practice of tantra (union-of-opposites).

Soulsign Astrology is composed of an integrated set of techniques with just the right amount of flexibility to successfully respond to the needs of our clients for:

  • Inner life questions
  • Event timing
  • Healing
  • Spiritual consulting

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“Working with Adam is a complete joy! He has an otherworldly way of understanding astrological symbolism, while bringing it home in a profound way. He is utterly wise in the ways of the Soul and the human heart. Adam is an extraordinary astrologer and catalyst for bright change.” – Michelle Gregg, Counseling Astrologer

Soulsign Astrology’s approach to counseling through its astrology sets out to resonantly illuminate your current life Soul-intent. As the Soul is the most profound level of an individual’s being, any methodology for understanding oneself and one’s experience based in this Soul-awareness naturally produces the widest and most meaningful context for living one’s life. Soulsign Astrology identifies the specific intentionality of an individual’s Soul, what it is exploring on the spiral of evolutionary consciousness, and specifically why the current lifetime (ancestry, gender, culture, religion, family, gifts, and challenges) has been chosen.

With Soul awareness as the core of its philosophy, the core of Soulsign Astrology practice is the intuitive science and scientific art of astrological interpretation rooted in this Soul awareness. The ancient notion of hieros gamos or “holy union” describes how opposing impulses or natures find their resolution in the Other. This root idea, first observed in ancient Sumerian ritual practices by later cultures, opens our understanding into how life regenerates and revivifies. We can also see hieros gamos to be the evolution of duality itself.

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Q&A with Soulsign Astrology founder Adam Gainsburg

What brought you to astrology?

AG:  I really have no idea. I had been turned off by my very first exposure as a 22 year old. Then in 2002 for some reason, it caught my interest. I’ve looked at the transits and there was nothing blaring a horn announcing “THIS IS YOUR DESTINY.” An appreciation for not knowing everything about why I’m doing what I’m doing has stayed with me.

Why do you practice astrology? What makes it juicy for you?

I really have no idea why I continue practicing – not really. I do know that finding a reason hasn’t been important since I became a professional. It’s more important to me to be fresh about my choice to practice each day. And this is also what juices me – the fact that astrology is this wide open container in which I can experience my own growth, awakening and connection with others freshly each time I show up to it.

What is your specialty, or focus?

I have a few: synodic and heliacal cycles as astrology’s signifier for personal dharma; the Venus Mars astro-tantric dance; Chironically living from a radically open heart; and the Lunar Nodes. I’ve got books on these topics and now a piece of software that is devoted to the magic of synodic and visual cycles and phases of the planets.

Is there a planet, sign, or aspect you’ve been exploring lately that represents an archetype or energy that feels important to you right now?

At the time of the infamous Transit of June 5 of 2012 I forecasted a complete re-writing of our familial “history and “herstory.” Changing what we normally think of as our past, from past-tense, linear events to more of a real-time, illuminated access to how we want to choose our reality in the moment. Of course, to begin making this kind of shift, requires much more than a bunch of mental affirmations or watching The Secret five times. It’s making our complete 100% commitment, leaving ourselves no backdoor, no backup plan, no exit strategy. It’s asking ourselves each day, “How much do I really want to be here and do what I’m doing?” and being willing to receive the truth of the answer.

What is your picture of astrology in the future?

Well, first, the astrology of the future will be defined by the astrologers of the future. For me, astrologers will be going through a loss of faith in the next 1-300 years as our sequestered techniques no longer serve the greater population. Of course, there will always be we astro-geeks who like to discuss obscure facts and writings amongst ourselves. But overall, I see astrology in the future serving the emergent potential of humanity which means it will need to get more literate with dynamics, systems theory and become less attached to ‘fixing’ delineations based on frozen moments in time only. I describe this as the transition from Astrology as a Particle (such as depicted by the horoscope) to Astrology as a Wave (such as one finds in any legitimate cyclic approach to the practice).

I also see astrologers of the future becoming equally versed in states as well as stages of consciousness. In other words, astrology today for the most part is strong in helping us “Grow Up.” We have all kinds of parallels with multiple schools of psychology and evolution of consciousness. But there is insufficient literature – because astrologers are not always the most enlightened people – covering the other dimension of human experience which is to “Wake Up.” These are the spiritual dimensions which increase our “altitude” for perceiving life and living it from a greater inclusiveness and discernment. These are phrases straight from Ken Wilber.




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